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   Chapter 215 A Cool Man (Part Two)

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"Madam, may I help you?" The waiter quickly trotted towards Harper and the two girls upon hearing Harper's loud sound. "The dishes here are unique and delicious! I'm sure you will want to eat them again once you taste them!" he proclaimed enthusiastically.

Harper once again scanned the restaurant. Looking at the old tables and chairs, she thought, 'I think some common folks might chose to dine here, but this is the most high-end street here in the imperial capital. People who are coming here are either rich or noble. They will never eat at such a dingy restaurant!'

With her eyebrows furrowed, Harper could only imagine what Matthew's other shops would look like. With a deep breath, she took a seat and ordered the famous dishes of the restaurant recommended by the waiter. The dishes were then served very quickly, probably because very few people dined here. After tasting the food, she was pleasantly surprised—the food was good. Because of that, she thought that the problem with the restaurant was mainly with its decoration and overall presentation.

"Tell them that this restaurant will be closed for half a month from tomorrow. We need to overhaul this whole place," she declared authoritatively. Forsythia promptly took the token of Prince Matthew's mansion from her purse and showed it to the shopkeeper.

"Greetings, Your Highness!" the shopkeeper frantically said, surprised by what was happening.

"I will have someone deliver you the decoration drawings tomorrow. You will only have half a month to do that. If you fail to complete it, I will have no choice but to fire you." Harper ordered him in such an unassailable manner that he trembled with fear, making him unable to say anything else.

"Yes, Your Highness."

Then, Harper got up and left immediately. Elsie had already gone to the Chu Clan mansion to give Charles the map of Prince Matthew's mansion. Harper believed that Charles would be very happy to see that, but she had no idea how he would react after he sent people to explore Matthew's mansion.

Harper visited all the other shops one by one. Except for a jewelry store ran well, all the other ones were incredibly unsatisfactory. By the end of the day, she wa

vor. Now you like smiling. It really makes you more approachable. Your Highness, you do look more charming when you smile."

"Oh, do you like to see me smiling?" Matthew asked very seriously, as he put the design drawings down and looked at Harper.

Harper nodded without hesitation. With eyes sparkling, she said, "Of course. No one wants to be with a person who scowls every day. Besides, you are a very cool man. Of course, a cool man will be more charming when he smiles!"

"Cool? What do you mean?" Harper always said something that he had never heard of before. For instance, he had never heard the word like "cool" used like that before. 'Is she saying I'm cold? Are these words popular in the place she came from?' he thought.

"I mean that you are quite good-looking. Cool is a word that describes a man that has an attractive appearance," Harper explained to him with a smile. "Up until now, Chodak is the only man who is as cool as you in this world."

"What about Zack?" Matthew asked curiously.

"Zack looks gentle, elegant and quite easygoing. He is very different from you," Harper said and stretched herself. "I'm a little hungry."

"Then let's have dinner now. Nina has prepared the dinner for us." Harper stood up and pushed him out. Looking at Matthew who was sitting in the wheelchair, she thought that perhaps she could ask Mister Demon if he had gotten all the medicinal materials she needed, so that she could detoxify Matthew earlier.

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