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   Chapter 214 A Cool Man (Part One)

Time Travelling: My Love from the Royal Family By Sha Manyao Characters: 7413

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Matthew got up early that morning because he had to go to the military camp. This was the first time that Harper didn't wake up nestled in his arms ever since their marriage.

A loud voice was the one that woke her up this time around. "Your Highness! It's incredibly late and you are still asleep!" The voice was Maggie's, and she was not amused by what she was seeing. She then continued her tirade, saying, "His Highness has already gone out. As his wife, you should be the one preparing for everything he will need for the day. But what are you doing? You're still here, asleep! Don't you feel guilty?"

Harper sat up slowly, slightly annoyed by Maggie's voice. She ordered her maids to help her get dressed. After she was ready, she turned to Maggie, her face expressionless, and said, "Nanny Maggie, you do know that I am His Highness's wife, right?" She was calm, but her tone had hints of annoyance. "Why did you barge in my room like this? It seems to me that by doing that, you are disregarding His Highness's space and privacy."

"What...what nonsense are you talking about?" Maggie questioned angrily. She was so furious that she started visibly shaking. After a few seconds of trying to compose herself, she finally blurted out, "It's you who don't show any kind of respect for His Highness! Not me!"

A smirk graced Harper's lips. She then said in a gentle yet incredibly stern tone, "Nanny Maggie, even if it was His Majesty who arranged the marriage, His Highness still treats me as his wife. Don't you think it is improper for you to just enter my room without any permission from me?"

Of course, Maggie admitted that she shouldn't have entered Harper's room without permission. But to the best of her knowledge, Matthew was sleeping in the Phoenix House every day. No matter how late he finished dealing with his businesses, he would go back to the Phoenix House to sleep. From what she had discovered, it seemed that he really liked his wife. Yet she was still biased against Harper because of the rumors she had heard about her.

Seeing the internal conflict Maggie was currently going through, Harper took hold of her hands and asked her to sit down. After a few moments of silence, she sai

behaved badly, or if she fought more intensely with Harper.

"Well, His Highness already went out a few hours ago. Since you just got up, go and have some breakfast. I'll go to the kitchen to check if the bird's nest is ready." After that, Maggie quickly left the room. She had lived for decades, but she was not as understanding as the young Harper. At the thought of that, she suddenly felt more ashamed.

After Maggie left, Harper ate something. Then, she went out with Forsythia and Elsie. She needed to visit Matthew's shops to find out why they showed operating losses year after year. No matter what the shops sold, they should all be profitable, since they were all in prime locations.

When she visited the first shop, pondering on the abysmal performance, she quickly realized why the shop had suffered losses. First of all, the shop's sign was not attractive at all. Aside from that, no one was outside to invite customers in. but more importantly, the interior of the shop was dire. People couldn't tell whether it was a shop that was selling something because there was almost no light inside. What was worse, she noticed that the waiter was beating flies, while the shopkeeper was dozing off. Neither of them noticed Harper, Forsythia, and Elsie enter their shop.

"Is this a restaurant?" Harper asked loudly in disbelief. She then took the menu that was scattered on a dusty table. While looking at the list, she found out that it was indeed a restaurant.

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