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   Chapter 213 I Am A Good Daughter (Part Two)

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"All right. Please just do it quickly," Harper answered, her mouth twitching at the mere thought of the pain that was about to come. Even at that moment, she still felt so ashamed of getting lost, and Matthew just couldn't comprehend how she had managed to end up so far out.

"How did you end up getting lost in such a remote place?"

"It was Charles' fault. He wanted me to give him a map of our mansion as well as the deployment of the defenses. I was meaning to help draw one for him, but when I followed the map I drew myself, I ended up getting lost."

Her voice trailed off as she glanced at Matthew, looking very disappointed. "Laugh now, if you want to. I know you're just holding it in."

Hearing this, Matthew forced a cough to clear his throat, "If you wanted a map of our mansion, all you had to do was ask me. I could have just given it to you. Why would you go through all that trouble yourself? Look at what happened to your feet! There are blisters all over them. Let's see if you can still walk tomorrow."

With a pitiful look, Harper said, "I thought of asking you for it, but then it doesn't look real at all. So, I decided to draw one out myself. But if it's all right with you, I would really appreciate it if you give me the map of the defense layout.

Matthew asked someone to show the defense map to Harper. After she read it, she compared the map with what she already had and changed most of the map. Only a small part of it was still correct. That being said, there was no way of knowing which one was real and which one was fake.

At that moment, Matthew couldn't help but feel sorry for Charles. It would be bad for him to get his daughter into trouble. If the map was brought to the emperor's table, and the emperor decided to send out someone to investigate, it would be quite hilarious. Matthew could already picture it in his mind. The emperor's spy getting lost. He would be so frustrated for getting lost again and

eft him feeling so intoxicated in her scent.

After she was done cleaning the ink marks for him, Harper was finally able to breathe a sigh of relief. Then, she put the towel aside and pulled him toward the table. The two of them started to eat together. She helped him get his favorite food to his bowl and he did the same thing to her. The atmosphere between the two of them felt so peaceful and they both seemed to enjoy the time they spent together.

"Tomorrow, I would be at the military camp. In case you might need anything, you can just ask Noah for help," Matthew softly said. "And if ever Rufus comes back, please feel free to ask someone to kick him out again."

"Well, I see. I was actually planning to visit your shops tomorrow. Things don't seem to be going well and they've been losing money for so long. There are so many mouths to feed in this mansion. We've got to come up with a way to improve the business of the shops." After pondering about it for a moment, she went ahead and added, "You should be extra careful when you go to the military camp. Please take good care of yourself. And bring more guards with you."

Given how concerned she seemed, Matthew was quite pleased. "Okay. But when you go out tomorrow, I want you to take Barry with you so that he can keep you safe."

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