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   Chapter 200 The Wedding Night (Part One)

Time Travelling: My Love from the Royal Family By Sha Manyao Characters: 7699

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Although the rest of Matthew's mansion was bustling, the bridal chamber was rather quiet. Even the noise from the front hall could be heard inside the bridal chamber. Harper was sitting quietly at the bedside, waiting for Matthew to come. Although it was clear that both of them had reached a deal in this marriage, she couldn't help but feel a little nervous. It was at that moment that she realized she knew nothing about his mansion, let alone the extent of his temperament and disposition. With these thoughts in mind, she felt a little uneasy.

She thought that Matthew wouldn't come until a little later, but to her surprise, she heard the sound of a wheelchair coming towards the bridal chamber in a short while of waiting. She immediately sat up straight, afraid that she would be killed by Matthew if he was dissatisfied with her.

"Greetings, Your Highness!" The maids in the room greeted Matthew as soon as the door was opened.

"Rise, please." Although Matthew's voice was still callous, it sounded a little gentle. Apparently, it seemed like he was in a good mood. Soon afterward, one of the maids said, "Your Highness, please uncover Her Highness's bridal veil."

Matthew reached out his hand and did as asked. As Harper looked up, her gaze coincidentally met his. Immediately, she looked away. For some reason, she didn't dare to look him in the eye.

Barry helped Matthew sit down beside Harper and pushed the wheelchair away. Then, the maid served two goblets of wine and said, "Your Highnesses, please drink the wedding wine."

With the cup of wine in his hand, Matthew intertwined his arm with Harper's and lowered his head to drink the wine. However, their heads unexpectedly bumped into each other. Embarrassed, she turned her head sideways and drank the wine without too much hesitation.

The maid flashed a smile, tied up their robes together, and fastened them by tying a knot. Then, she left with the rest of the maids, leaving the bride and the groom alone.

Watching the door being closed, Harper wanted to complain or say something but she couldn't. So far, she hadn't eaten anything for almost a day. She really hoped that someone could bring her something to eat.

Matthew was amused by the resentful expression on Harper's face, but he pretended to be ignorant.

on the floor on our wedding night, don't you think it's possible that the news that you are disliked would spread all over the imperial capital tomorrow?"

Harper scratched her head and suggested, "Your Highness, could you sleep on the floor instead?"

Matthew's face immediately turned sullen. What he actually wanted to say was that they were a couple now, and it was normal for the two of them to sleep on the same bed. But upon pondering over the deal they had reached, he didn't say that to her. He just stared at Harper and began to unbutton his clothes, while she felt a little uneasy looking at him.

With the scene in front of her, Harper was shocked and dumbfounded. She wondered, 'Why is he taking off his clothes right now?'

"Why... Why are you taking your clothes off?" Finally, she couldn't help but ask out of fear.

"I want to sleep!" Matthew didn't want to argue with Harper anymore, or else he was sure that he would be driven to insanity by this young woman.

Harper sat still and didn't dare to move. Matthew nudged her and said, "Move aside and sleep!"

With Matthew's urging, Harper slid down on the bed right away. When she saw that he was about to lie down, she turned over and rolled inside in a hurry. However, she seemed to have forgotten that their clothes were bound together. After rolling her body, she had accidentally tied herself up with their clothes. Helplessly, she struggled to free herself, but she failed to untie their clothes. At last, she had no choice but to take her coat off.

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