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   Chapter 199 The Wedding Ceremony (Part Two)

Time Travelling: My Love from the Royal Family By Sha Manyao Characters: 6592

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"The bridal sedan chair has arrived!"

Mavis took the bridal veil as soon as she heard that. She then carefully covered Harper's head with it. Howard came to the Emerald House at the right time. As her eldest brother, he had to escort Harper out.

"Grandma." Howard bowed to Mavis.

"Howard, carry your sister out." Mavis' nose twitched a little. She had been looking forward to the day when Harper would get married. But at that moment, so close for it to happen, she felt sad to part with her loving granddaughter.

Howard looked at Harper in her red wedding dress and a gleam of light flashed through his eyes. He carried her in his arms and sent her out under the watchful eyes of the crowd.

Since Matthew's legs were weak, the one who came to pick up the bride was Lucas. He was relieved to see that Howard came out carrying an alive woman. The task to pick up the bride for Matthew had been given to him. And if something went wrong, his uncle would kill him.

"Aunt, it's not convenient for Uncle Matthew to walk. Under his orders, I'm here to pick you up." With these words, Lucas walked up to her, cupped his hands, and saluted.

The onlookers who had wanted to watch a farce were now green with envy. Matthew had not only given a costly bride price but also welcomed Harper with a grand wedding ceremony. How could such a good thing fall on a woman whose previous engagement had been canceled? No matter how jealous the crowd was, they could only watch Harper get in the bridal sedan chair.

After making sure that Harper was safe and secured inside, Lucas left the Chu Clan mansion and cheerfully led the reception team to Matthew's mansion. They were about halfway on their journey when they encountered another group of people who looked to be an entourage of another bride. They walked closely to Harper's entourage.

The noise was so loud outside that Harper held the dagger hidden in her sleeve. She had taken off the arrows concealed in her s

rds the mansion. At the gate, she handed the other end to Matthew.

All the civil and military officials and ministers came to Matthew's wedding. They had wanted to see something to laugh about but couldn't do so at such an event. Matthew had given such a costly bride price. He was going to get married to the woman whose engagement had been called off by Prince Kevin's son. It made Kevin and even the emperor disgraceful.

The emperor arranged Harper's marriage to Matthew not because he wanted the prince to show off how satisfied he was with the match, but because he wanted to humiliate Matthew. He even hoped that Matthew would do something so this lady from the Chu Clan would die for no reason, like his three former fiancees, but it didn't happen. She didn't die but right now, he was marrying her with a grand wedding ceremony.

The emperor was upset and disappointed but was relieved at the same time. Charles was loyal to him and his daughter would be married into Matthew's mansion which meant they could finally have a scout in there. The more important Matthew thought of her, the more beneficial it would be to them. With this in mind, the emperor felt better. He asked a servant to give them a gift of great value. For the sake of the Black Flag Token, he wouldn't mind being more generous.

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