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   Chapter 196 Servants From Prince Matthew's Mansion (Part One)

Time Travelling: My Love from the Royal Family By Sha Manyao Characters: 6777

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Matthew and Harper's marriage was the subject of all talks in the imperial capital this year. There were some people who admired Harper for the considerable amount of betrothal presents she had received from Matthew, while there were also some others who pitied her for marrying a handicapped man. For some people, Matthew's disability was all he was worth, no matter how prominent his position was.

With such a controversial union, taunts came from every direction, with some saying that Harper and Matthew were a perfect couple. Harper was branded as an arrogant and difficult woman. Her failed engagement only served to add to her infamy. On the other hand, Matthew was seen as handicapped, cold-hearted, and brutal. Many people believed that their marriage was fated to fall to ruin quickly.

"Tsk, tsk! People truly have no qualms about speaking ill of Uncle Matthew." Lucas heaved a sigh. "Even in his current state, he is capable of fighting and defeating enemies in battlefields. I wonder if everyone would still be saying such horrible things about him had they known this truth."

The man sitting opposite Lucas said nothing in reply and merely stared out of the window at the bustling crowd. Even as his eyes were on them, his mind seemed to be somewhere else, as if other people did not interest him in the slightest.

"I'm talking to you, Felix!" Lucas waved a hand in front of Felix, the crown prince. "Felix, you have earned yourself a high reputation this time. Father is certainly pleased with your achievements, so why do you pull a long face?"

Felix ignored his question as his fingers fidgeted with the cup in his hand. "I heard that Harper is a good physician. Is that true?" he asked instead.

"What you have heard holds truth. She is indeed skilled in what she does. When Zack was injured, Caroline feared for her brother's life and sought help from Harper. Harper was the one who saved his life, even as all the other imperial physicians were at a loss and dared not to pull the arrow out," Luc

d to do but to let Matthew's steward in.

"Let them be. Just ignore them," Charles said.

"Yes, My Lord."

As Noah watched Harper leisurely making tea, and then glimpsed around the Emerald House, he couldn't help but feel that he had come to the wrong place. It was unbelievable that a woman who was to be married the next day was still making and tasting tea here as if she didn't have a single care in the world. A bride was supposed to be anticipating her own wedding. Shouldn't she at least look even a little excited?

"Greetings, My Lady."

Harper raised her head to the sight of a man in a blue robe bowing to her with a smile. It took a moment before she recognized him. "It's you, Steward Noah. Did His Highness send me any word?"

Noah was pleased at being recognized, as she knew who he was after all. "His Highness says that Princess Nicole is pregnant and that she could not do much for your wedding. He has also said that Lady Mavis is too old to be taking care of the preparations. So he has sent me to assist you. Please allow me to be of service," he explained.

"That's very kind of him. Please send him my gratitude. Then, I leave everything in your care. Just do and plan as you see fit," Harper answered. It was a good thing that Noah had come. In truth, Harper was not the least bit concerned about the ceremony.

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