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   Chapter 186 A Deal (Part One)

Time Travelling: My Love from the Royal Family By Sha Manyao Characters: 7075

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A deafening silence enveloped the hall. Not a word was spoken as Matthew sat quietly. The people in the hall were painfully aware of the real intent behind the proposal, and the air rippled with a tense breath.

No one dared mock Matthew. Despite his disability, he was still a prince, and was entitled to his right to consider the proposition of marriage.

He had the military forces of the entire country under his command. A single word from him was all it would take to end anyone who dared offend him.

Harper trembled as she knelt on the floor, the muscles of her limbs growing numb. Franklin stood up as he noticed the slight tremors that racked her stooped frame. Mustering his courage, he opened his mouth to speak and help her, but before the words left his mouth, Matthew moved his lips and answered, "It is an honor. You have my gratitude, Your Majesty." With these words, his answer was clear. Every single person present knew that Harper was nothing but a pawn. Whether she would survive or perish was uncertain. All that she could do was pray that fate would give her mercy.

"Ha-ha, Matthew, as long as you're satisfied with it, it will be my greatest pleasure. Hansen had called off his engagement to Harper, but she is a woman of talent and beauty, not to mention that she is the daughter of Prime Minister Charles and the vice director of Imperial Academy of Medicine. She is befitting of your rank and status," the emperor said, his tone belying his greater intention. Before Harper, three women who were Matthew's betrothed had died before they even had a chance to enter his mansion. It was clear that Harper was caught in between a dangerous power struggle. Her next move would be crucial—her life was hanging on delicate strings and she would have to tread carefully.

All the officials present did not need any explanation. They knew their emperor all too well to see through his facade. The emperor was delighted in the humiliation of his brother; thus he mentioned Harper's engagement to Hansen. The relationship between the two brothers was a tragic sight. Matthew had risked his life

but she could not find her words. What Harper said was right—marriage to a prince was a chance of a lifetime. However, Mavis also knew the rift between the emperor and his brother. Despite his facade, the emperor had not been subtle with his attacks. Mavis had lived long enough to understand how the court was a battlefield on its own, and the emperor had his eyes locked on Matthew. If Harper married the prince, she would also be caught in the crossfire.

"I will ask your father to try and see if this marriage could be avoided," Mavis said.

"Grandma, we cannot disobey the imperial edict. Disobedience is a capital crime!" Harper raised the imperial edict in her hand, effectively silencing the rest of Mavis' words. She had a plan in mind. This predicament might be turned into a golden opportunity. She had already been considering getting a backer, and now the emperor took the initiative to send her one. If she played her cards right, she could make herself a favorable deal.

As soon as they got back to Chu Clan mansion, Charles called Harper into the study.

"Father, Brother, what do you want?" asked Harper coldly.

"His Majesty has bestowed a great favor upon you. You have to remember his graciousness," Charles said. "You were not highborn, but as you have been chosen to marry Prince Matthew by His Majesty, you should be grateful. You will be an imperial member once you wed him."

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