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   Chapter 182 Collusion (Part One)

Time Travelling: My Love from the Royal Family By Sha Manyao Characters: 6100

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Zack's proposal brought Harper nothing but disquiet. Her steps followed the last quickly one after another, and before she realized it, she had been going the wrong way. Harper was about to turn around when someone blocked her way.

"My Lady," the man addressed her.

"Lord Josef," she greeted back despite her confusion.

"Lady Katrina has requested your presence." The eunuch Josef had presented it as an invitation, even as his tone was the exact opposite. "This way, please."

Harper had no choice but to follow him. He led the way to the Glorious Palace where Katrina resided. In the beginning, Katrina had disliked Harper because of her headstrong character and the girl's refusal to aid her in fighting for the emperor's favor. She had conspired with Charles to replace her with Hailey as the imperial physician. 'What does she want with me this time?' Harper wondered.

She had braced herself for the worst the moment she stepped inside the Glorious Palace with Josef. To her surprise, Katrina let her in without making any scene.

"Your Highness, good day." Harper curtsied in front of the lady respectfully, not leaving any opening for criticism of her manners.

Katrina looked at the stubborn Harper bowing her head before her. 'Has she finally learned to be well-behaved?'

"It has been a long time. You seem to have changed quite a lot," Katrina said as her fingers fiddled with the fruit on the table. "You have become the vice director of the Imperial Academy of Medicine. My congratulations have come late."

"It is my honor, Your Highness." Harper spoke calmly and kept her composure. Her face belied the trace of complacency. Katrina was surprised at her seemingly relaxed demeanor. She had heard that Harper had changed, but the woman she saw in front of her was too far from the Harper she kn

he empress." At this time, Harper estimated that the banquet was almost about to start, so she said quickly, "As long as you don't make any foolish moves, your position is guaranteed. No one can take your seat from you, and although you may no longer have His Majesty's affections, you will always have his respect. You know better than anyone how complicated it is in the palace, so I advise you not to do anything reckless. It could cost you dearly. The time for the banquet is approaching. I bid you good day."

With another elegant bow, Harper left, paying no mind to Katrina's flushed face and the way she clenched her jaw. As soon as Harper was gone, the sound of breaking ceramics filled the room as Katrina swept the tea cups to the floor.

"Aunt, now you have seen it for yourself. Harper has become even more of a conceited woman than before!" The curtains parted to reveal Hailey.

A long scar ran on one side of her face, corrupting a beauty that would have been the fall of an entire city. Had it been treated in time, the mark would have disappeared, but she had fled from Charles' disappointment and failed to get a good healer, leaving her disfigured with an ugly scar for the rest of her life.

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