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   Chapter 180 Marriage Proposal (Part One)

Time Travelling: My Love from the Royal Family By Sha Manyao Characters: 5891

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When Harper and Mavis arrived at the front hall, they found Charles and Howard already there, but Nicole was nowhere in sight.

"Has Nicole not come out yet?" Mavis asked in confusion. Time was quickly passing by and it was getting late. More and more people were arriving at the gates of the Imperial Palace. In a little while longer, it would be impossible not to bump into someone with the increasing number of people.

"I've sent someone to call for her."

"Pardon my lateness." Just then, a woman's voice rang loud and clear. Eyes were immediately upon Nicole. She was a vision of nobility and elegance, but what caught everyone in surprise was her legs. There was not the slightest trace of limp in them.

"Nicole, your legs?" Charles asked in surprise. Nicole possessed a beauty that was enough to arrest anyone's eyes and hold them captive, but Charles had been adamant in keeping her in the mansion due to her disability. Today was an exception, for the royal banquet called for the attendance of all the members of the royal family. She walked steadily, as if she had not been once ill. Charles gaped at her in bewilderment, unable to believe his own eyes.

Neatly folding her hands near her stomach, Nicole answered, "My legs? My legs are fine."

Charles snapped out of his stupor and quickly came forward to offer her his arm. "I see. That's great. It's almost time. We should be setting off now," he said.

Nicole nodded at him with a smile. Charles had always treated her accordingly to her status, but his courteousness belied an indifference that she had not failed to notice. How rare for him to be so enthusiastic! Casting a quick glance at Harper, she gave her a quick wink and took Charles' arm.

Harper caught the furtive gesture

dy Katrina is in a precarious position in the Imperial Palace because of Felicia's incident. His Majesty has seldom paid her a visit. If you go and plead with her again, it would only make matters worse for her. Don't worry. I don't want to rush into marriage. I will find a good man in my own time," she said, hoping the older woman would see reason.

Not one second had passed that Mavis did not speak of Harper's marriage. Harper bore the older woman's incessant talk all the way to the palace, even as she felt like her own ears were ringing. In Mavis' mind, Harper was a silly girl. She saved Zack's life, and she could have used this as a bargaining chip to marry him. Yet she refused to do so.

"My Ladies, we have arrived." The carriage came to a halt at the palace gates. For the first time, Harper felt as if the voice of the coachman was like the sounds of heaven, saving her and her poor ears from Mavis' nagging. She had almost thanked him aloud.

Harper alighted from the carriage and assisted Mavis as she stepped out. Officials arrived with their families one after another and they exchanged polite greetings with those who they were acquainted with.

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