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   Chapter 177 I'm Harper

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What Harper didn't realize was that Howard was suspecting her for real. He was right with one thing though: something had indeed changed. But it wasn't the body; it was the soul. No matter how Charles and Howard investigated, they wouldn't find anything wrong with the body. It was still Harper's.

Mavis, on the other hand, did not agree with their assessment. Sure, she was doubtful, too. But she knew her granddaughter very well. She'd know if something as big as her identity was amiss. But Charles had a way of persuading her, sowing even more doubts in her. Eventually, she agreed to have it checked.

Just in time, new gowns for the annual banquet in the Imperial Palace were sent to every house for fitting. Mavis asked Annie to send Harper's clothes to her. She asked Annie to make sure Harper tried them on and see if they fit perfectly. If not, the dresses had to be sent back for modifying.

As she received the dresses, Harper was eager to try them on. She went to her room to try dresses after dresses. Annie followed her and offered to help. "Let me help you as you change, so I can know where the dresses need mending."

Harper was puzzled by Annie's offer. She had never done such a thing before.

"Okay. Thank you," she agreed.

So Annie followed her into the room and helped her undress. "My Lady, you are too thin. You should eat more nutritious food. You can ask the kitchen to cook chicken soup for you every day. It's not good for a girl to be too thin."

"Nanny Annie, I just look skinny. But I am not skinny at all," Harper replied with a smile. She had taken off all her clothes except her underwear. Annie's eyes flashed and swept across her back.

"Oh!" Annie exclaimed at the sight of Harper's underwear.

"What's wrong, Nanny Annie?"

"My Lady, why is your underwear worn out?" Annie showed the worn part to Harper.

Harper looked at the piece of underwear and frowned. "Nina, bring me another set of underwear."

"Yes, My Lady."

Nina tried to take the underwear after Harper's request, but Annie held on to it. When Annie turned to inspect Harper's back, she saw a red phoenix birthmark on Harper's lower back clearly. Rubbing it, she asked, "What's this, My Lady?"

Harper turned around and said, "It's a birthmark. Father said I had this phoenix birthmark when I was born."

"Oh, a birthmark. I thought it was a stain," Annie replied with a smile and helped Harper put her underwear on. Harper continued to try new clothes, to which Annie had been very helpful with her comments. "This one suits you well, My Lady. Please take a look and see if you want to change anything."

Harper turned side to side in front of the mirror, inspecting the fit of the dress on her at all angles. "It fits great. There's no need to make changes."

"Then I will tell Lady Mavis that everything fits perfectly and nothing needs amending," Annie smiled. "My Lady, you're so beautiful. Any dress will look good on you."

"Thank you, Nanny Annie. Please take

. No, that's not good enough. Call the imperial physician!"

"Enough!" Seeing the worried look on her face, Howard sneered. "Let's see how long you can keep pretending."

Harper rubbed her aching neck and said, "Howard, I know I'm weak. But I don't allow anyone to step on me. If you think it's easy to bully me, the thorns on me will hurt you!"

"You are not Harper at all!"

"I'm Harper. If I'm the fake one, I accept the most severe punishment there is," Harper said slowly. "Believe what you want to believe. I don't know what Hailey told you, but I want to tell you frankly that I'm not afraid of either you or Hailey! Even a rabbit pushed to its limits would bite, let alone a human!"

"I heard that you sent Lady Joey's daughter away. Why?" He went through all the things in this mansion, but the one thing everyone seemed to ignore was this: Joey's daughter was missing.

"Yes, Grandma knows about it. If you want to know the truth, you can ask her. But I won't tell you anything." At this, she dropped the polite act and turned to leave. "Goodbye, Howard."

"Give me the antidote!"

"I told you there was no antidote. I bought the poison from an herb store outside. Go there and ask if there is any antidote." She was anxious to get rid of him. "You'd better go as soon as possible. In case the poison spreads and kills you, Father and Grandma would blame me for your death."

Howard chuckled, his voice laced with anger. "Wouldn't that be nice? And by the way, congratulations for becoming the vice director of the Imperial Academy of Medicine."

"Thank you, Howard."

"You're welcome. As the vice director of the Imperial Academy of Medicine, you're required to attend the annual banquet in the Imperial Palace, aren't you?" Howard asked. "I wonder which identity you will attend the banquet with."

"Of course as the lady of the Chu Clan. Yes, I'm an imperial physician, but I'm also a member of the Chu Clan," answered Harper.

"Really? Okay, let's wait and see."

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