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   Chapter 176 A Warning

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"Nice to meet you, Mother!" As soon as Howard stepped inside, he knelt on the floor to show his respect to Nicole.

It was an extremely cold day. Pregnancy made Nicole very heavy, making it hard for her to move. She lay in the bed, holding a hot-water bag in her arms. Seeing Harper walking in right behind Howard, she patted the bedside and said, "Harper, come here. Belinda, give her a hot-water bag. It's so cold today. Why didn't you bring one with you?"

"Mother, I've told you not to stay in bed all day long. You need to get up and walk around often. That will ensure your delivery is smooth." She sat down next to her. As usual, the first thing she did was to check her pulse. "The baby is very healthy. Don't worry, Mother."

"I trust you," Nicole said and cast her a smile. The two of them continued to have a chit chat. And while they spoke, Howard was forgotten. Nicole pretended that she didn't see him kneeling on the floor.

The expression on Howard's face changed. "Nice to meet you, Mother," he repeated.

Nicole was talking to Harper and felt agitated at being interrupted.

"Mother, this is Lady Sue's son, Howard. And he is quite a successful man. He is a sub-third general now," Harper gushed, trying to lighten the atmosphere.

"Oh, please stand up," Nicole ordered. Then she shifted her gaze to Harper. "Harper, you should've informed me earlier. See, if others come to know about this, they may think I am a prejudiced woman who doesn't treat a concubine's son fairly."

The words "a concubine's son" made him frown but he remained silent. Sue was after all a concubine of Charles. And even though Sue was later granted the title of "wife" in the mansion, she was still a concubine by law.

Shrugging off these thoughts, Howard resolved to not care much about the way Nicole treated him.

He didn't think Nicole was a clever woman. What rattled him was Harper's new personality. She was no longer the same arrogant girl he had known. Now in this mansion, she was living a good life. Everyone seemed to like her.

"I have heard a lot about you, Howard. Charles speaks very highly of you. Now you are a general and is recognized by the emperor. I am sure you will have a very bright prospect. Congratulations, Howard," Nicole said in a sweet tone.

"Thank you, Mother," Howard replied curtly. But he didn't want to stay and watch the duet between Nicole and Harper. "Soon, I'll have my gift delivered here. See you later."

"See you."

Once he was out, Howard's face turned as dark as ink. Nichole tried to embarrass him in their first meeting. This made it evident that life in this mansion was not easy. His mind drifted back to his sister Hailey. Now he also understood why she wanted to hurt Nicole and Harper.

As soon as he left the main house, he met Charles. "Have you met your mother?" he asked.


"Is Harper still there?"

"She is talking with Mother inside." He couldn't understand why his father was inquiring about Harper. A puzzled look made its way to his face.

Noting this, Charles explained, "The imperial edict has arrived. She is asked to receive it." Before Howard could react, Andy came into his view.

This brought a further surprise to Howard. From what he knew, Andy was a person the emperor favored. Due to this position, he seldom went out to announce an imperial edict.

in the past. But now, she was smart. Otherwise, she couldn't have trapped Hailey and Felicia. No matter how hard he tried, he couldn't make himself believe this was Harper.

"Are you suspecting something?" inquired Charles.

"I don't know. Apart from appearance, she has nothing in common with the Harper I knew," Howard answered. "Father, does she have any obvious birthmark or scars on her?"

"Yes. She was born with a phoenix birthmark on her waist."

"Father, why not ask someone to check whether she has this phoenix birthmark?" Howard suggested. "The mansion is currently going through a lot. If this person is my sister, then it is fine. Otherwise, we have to do something about it. After all, this is a serious matter."

Charles frowned. It would be difficult for them to check Harper's birthmark. Only a few people were close to Harper and they were all loyal to her. Finally, he decided to resort to Mavis. She was the only one he could ask for help.

"If we want to have a look at the birthmark on her waist, I'm afraid that only your grandma can help us. Since it is a matter of great importance, I am positive your grandma won't deny her assistance."

"Father, I am glad you are going to help me. I am not doing this because I have something against her. I genuinely smell something wrong here. This is to prevent something bad from happening."

"I know." Once the skeptical seed was planted in people's hearts, they couldn't help but feel suspicious. And now Charles was as curious as Howard to know the mystery. Once again he compared Harper to the past one. He couldn't find anything similar about them. The old Harper would follow him, trying to please him. Her stupid attempts to impress him always left him angry. At times, he would go as far as beating her yet it never stopped her from loving him.

But now, she was aloof. She seemed least bothered about attracting his attention. In fact, she rarely showed up in front of him. Now that he thought about it, he felt that perhaps it was because she wasn't the same person. He was just too dumb to see it. The more he thought about it, the more he felt convinced that this girl wasn't Harper.

"Yes Howard, it is necessary to check it as soon as possible!"

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