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   Chapter 173 I'll Kill Him (Part Two)

Time Travelling: My Love from the Royal Family By Sha Manyao Characters: 5787

Updated: 2020-03-06 00:02

With her wrist being clutched, Harper didn't get upset and actually gave him a weird smile instead. This caught him off guard, but it was already too late to push her away. She shot the arrow she was hiding under her sleeve and it pierced his shoulder.


Harper successfully hit the target and gained the upper hand. Then, she swiftly scattered a handful of powder around Howard's eyes. As he stretched his hand to cover his eyes, he had no way to attack her. Taking advantage of the situation, Forsythia let go of her sword and quickly stabbed his chest with a dagger.

Under the flurry of attacks of the two women, Howard was caught in a tight spot, so in the end, he had no other choice but to make a run for it. But as soon as he jumped out of the window, a sword pierced him. It was Elsie, who was hiding outside the window, patiently waiting for an opportunity to make a sneak attack.

Howard was taken unawares and his thigh had been stabbed by the sword. But he still managed to flee in the dark night. That was the very first time he had to run away like this ever since he joined the army. He shouldn't have underestimated Harper.

Harper burst into laughter as she watched his receding figure. Never could Howard have imagined that he would have gotten hurt by his sister at this time of the night before he could get any information out of her.

"Well done, Elsie!" Harper praised Elsie, patting her on the shoulder and giving her a thumbs-up. It was quite obvious that she was pleased with her sneak attack.

Hearing the praise, Elsie turned red-flushed and felt a little shy. "I'm not good at martial arts. I wouldn't have been able to attack him sneakily if you and Forsythia hadn't driven him to a c

would send some family letters only to my father. And you managed to block the letter Hailey had sent out once before, but we forgot about one thing."

"Lady Hailey has run away!"

"Yes!" Harper nodded in agreement. "The Wang Clan has declined. Because of Sue's death, the Wang Clan is very displeased with the Chu Clan. Hailey has no relatives in the imperial capital, so the only other person she can seek for help is Howard."

"Then My Lady, you might be in even more danger than we originally thought? No, we must ask Mister Demon to send more martial artists to protect us."

"Don't worry." Harper stopped Forsythia in her tracks. "So what if Hailey is with him? How could Howard hurt me in front of so many people? No. Even Princess Nicole won't allow him to do such a thing, let alone my grandmother."

"What if he does something to harm you without anyone knowing?"

"Look! Didn't he just break into my room and almost get killed? That's what he would end up with if he tried to harm me." The light in Harper's eyes turned bright. "If he dares to do it in the dark next time, what will be waiting for him is the poison to kill him!"

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