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   Chapter 171 Why Don’t You Marry Harper (Part Two)

Time Travelling: My Love from the Royal Family By Sha Manyao Characters: 6290

Updated: 2020-03-05 12:01

"Sorry, I didn't know your hand got hurt. Is it serious?" Although his voice was weak, he was still full of concern for her. "It's entirely my fault. If it weren't for me, you wouldn't get hurt like this."

"I'm glad that you've learned this," Forsythia cut in once again with a snort.

"Forsythia, leave the room and wait outside!" Harper ordered in a stern voice. Forsythia pursed her lips and went out obediently. Embarrassed, Harper apologized, "Sorry. She's not like this. She might not be in a good mood today."

"It doesn't matter. I deserve to be blamed. It is justified for her to be angry," Zack said apologetically. "Caroline told me that you had come to check on me the other night. I don't remember exactly what was going on that night, but I still have a vague memory."

"At that time, I thought that you might die. I didn't have much hope that I could save you despite my best efforts. I wondered whether your father would be furious and punish me and the Chu Clan if you died," Harper said with a smile.

"Thank you for taking care of me that night," Zack said as he struggled to sit up. Harper put her hand on his shoulder and said, "Lie down. Don't move. Your wound is still healing. Keep an eye on your own health. Don't be reckless until your wound is healed completely. Your parents are worried about you. You must take good care of yourself. If anything happens to you, they won't be able to bear the blow."

"You are so considerate, as always, Harper," Zack said with a smile.

"Really? I don't think I am considerate," Harper sneered. "At least, my father won't agree with your opinion."

Zack laughed wildly. With the impact of the laughter, his wound was torn open. It raked a piercing pain that made him twist his face. Seeing this, Harper hurried to ask him to stop laughing. "Alright, alright. Stop laughing. Your wound is torn open a

hey spoke about the attack. Her heart trembled every time she thought about that night. If something happened to Harper on that day, she wouldn't know how to face herself.

Marking the fear on Caroline's face, Zack touched her head and coaxed, "I promise you that I will never let anyone hurt Harper, never!"

At Zack's words, a smile came to Caroline's lips. "Zack, why don't you marry Harper? I will be happy to have her as my sister-in-law," she suggested.

Zack coughed and got almost choked to hear his sister's words. His face turned red as if he was ashamed and angry at the same time. But in his heart, he felt at a loss.

"Caroline, don't talk nonsense," Zack reproached hurriedly.

"I'm serious. Father and Mother have agreed to the idea. If Harper agrees, why don't you marry her?" Caroline said. "Father has even told Harper that he'd like to have a daughter-in-law like her."

A hint of surprise flashed in Zack's eyes. It seemed that he couldn't believe what he had heard. After composing himself, he asked, "Did she agree?"

"No, she refused. But that might be because the proposal was from Father and not from you. I believe that if you personally propose to her for marriage, she won't turn you down," Caroline answered.

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