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   Chapter 170 Why Don’t You Marry Harper (Part One)

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Updated: 2020-03-05 12:01

The next day, Harper opened her eyes and woke up into the peace and comfort of her own room. The little stove was put in its own place. And even the table was also clean. There was not a single shell of chestnut or any trace of mess on it. Her right hand, though, was wrapped in a bandage. She felt a little painful, but as she remembered of the warm night she had been through, her lips broke into a complacent smile. With her eyes half-open, she felt as if she was still in her dream.

Feeling a little hazy, she rolled over and rested her chin on one hand, thinking, 'I dreamt of Prince Matthew last night.'

"My Lady, you are awake!" Nina came in with a basin of water.

Harper nodded, still in a haze. She was still thinking about the dream she had last night. "I dreamt of Prince Matthew last night," she mumbled.

Forsythia walked into the room and almost fell down when she heard Harper. 'My Lady, are you sure you have just dreamt of Prince Matthew and not met him in person?' she wondered in her head.

Nina was confused. "Did Prince Matthew talk to you in the dream? What did he say?"

"He said..." Harper paused after uttering two words and fell into deep thought. 'How could it be possible that he confessed his love for me? That's impossible. People say, what you dream at night reflects what you think during the day. Is it because I missed him so much? Oh, my God!' The idea hit her so hard that she couldn't help shaking her head, trying to get rid of his thoughts. "Dress me up fast. I'm going to see Mister Zack for a follow-up consultation!"

"Yes, My Lady." Nina stared at Harper with suspicion and wondered, 'What is so scary about having Prince Matthew in her dream? Lady Harper's face even looks pale, probably because of the injury and blood loss.'

After the recent attack, Harper always kept Forsythia by her side. Among all the maids, Forsythia was very pro


"Okay. Let me have a look then. Give me your hand." Harper smiled silently. As Caroline started to say something, Isabella patted her back and pulled her away. Then, she cast a meaningful glance at her son and left the room with Caroline.

Seeing that Harper felt his pulse with her left hand, Zack grew a little confused and asked, "Your right hand..."

Before he could finish his sentence, Harper cut in, "You have recovered well. But you are still having a blood deficiency. You need to eat well and rest regularly. I'll ask Forsythia to apply medicine to your wound. Don't forget to change the dressing every day!" While giving her advice to Zack, Harper opened the medicine box with her left hand. He frowned to see her using her left hand for everything.

"What's wrong with your right hand?" he asked again, as he reached out his hand to grab Harper's wrist.

"Let go of Lady Harper!" Forsythia gave a heavy slap on the back of his hand. "It's improper for you to touch her hand. Besides, don't you know that she has got an injury on her hand?"

"Forsythia!" Harper frowned as she felt unhappy with Forsythia's inappropriate behavior.

Forsythia pouted and turned her face away with a frown. She couldn't let any other man touch Harper.

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