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   Chapter 168 He Had Feelings For Her (Part One)

Time Travelling: My Love from the Royal Family By Sha Manyao Characters: 6760

Updated: 2020-03-05 10:29

As soon as Harper returned to her house, she went straight to bed. Her day had been tedious. She had been terribly busy taking care of Zack. Now all she wanted to do was sleep. As soon as her head hit the pillow, she fell asleep.

Forsythia, on the other hand, was worried about the wound on Harper's hand. But Harper seemed least bothered about it. She insisted on going to bed to sleep for the time being. The maids gazed at Harper, who was wrapped in the quilt, already asleep. With their eyes wide open, they helplessly looked at each other.

Anabel had prepared some food. The snow began to fall from morning to evening. Harper showed no signs of waking up. Seeing this, Anabel couldn't help but worry. "Nina, Lady Harper hasn't eaten anything. Should we wake her up and ask her to eat something? I am sure she can sleep better after eating," she asked.

Nina looked at Harper, who was sleeping soundly. With her eyebrows furrowed, Nina made up her mind to wake Harper up. When she went inside the room and was about wake her up, the window which had been closed, opened all of a sudden. The wind and snow blew in. Nina went to close the window. But all of a sudden, she saw a man standing outside the window, making her instantly tremble with fear.

Forsythia, however, grew delighted. She took the tray from Anabel's hand and ran to the table. She then said to the man, "Lady Harper has been sleeping since she came back in the morning. Moreover, she hasn't even had a morsel of bread. But I am glad you are here! We had no idea what to do. On top of her, her hand is wounded from..."

Seeing the strong dissatisfaction on the man's face, Forsythia immediately stopped herself from talking. Instead, she dragged Nina and left the room in a hurry. She even closed the door considerately. There was no need for the maids to serve Harper now that he had come.

The man sneaked in through the window and peeped at Harper. He caught sight of her, wrapped cozily in a blanket. Carefully, he closed the window befor

n though he continued to glare at her, his action became much more gentle. "You poor girl! You get yourself hurt quite often. If I wasn't here to take care of you, what would have happened to you?" he asked.

Unwilling to dwell on this question, Harper decided to change the topic. Suddenly, she noticed that he was wearing the belt she had made for him. So she reached out and touched it before saying, "It suits you quite well."

The man did not answer. Right now, he wasn't willing to compliment her. "That's because I have a good figure," he said, praising himself instead of her hard work.

"Wow, okay!" Harper chuckled again. Deep inside, she thought, 'I know you have a good figure. But I am not going to say it out loud. If someone hears it, they will suspect that I'm drooling over your perfect body.'

"Your hand is sorted. Are you hungry?" the man asked.

With her uninjured left hand, Harper rubbed her stomach. "I am starving!" she admitted honestly.

"Your maid has prepared something to eat. It is still warm. You should have it before it gets cold," the man said as he passed over the bowl and chopsticks to Harper. She took the bowl with her left hand. She then looked at her chopsticks, but didn't dare to touch it. Her right hand was still wrapped by the bandage. "Please help me. I can't even hold the chopsticks!"

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