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   Chapter 166 Zack Pulled Through (Part One)

Time Travelling: My Love from the Royal Family By Sha Manyao Characters: 7339

Updated: 2020-03-05 10:28

With Harper staying in the Bu Clan mansion, the three imperial physicians took their leave. When Isabella finally came to, she was told that Zack was safe from the arrow, at least for the time being. Upon hearing the news, she couldn't help weeping with joy. But when she remembered seeing Caroline all covered with blood, she burst into bitter tears once again. Seeing her in that state, Franklin cleared things up and told her right away that Caroline was actually left unscathed, making Isabella feel so relieved.

"Harper," Isabella called out in a weak voice.

"Yes, Lady Isabella," Harper politely greeted her as she stood up, preparing to bow her head. But she was suddenly stopped from making the courtesy by Isabella.

"I have prepared the clothes for you. They belong to Caroline and they are new. Your clothes have been stained with blood. You should get them changed," Isabella said in a gentle voice as she gave Harper a look of gratitude. After all, she was a considerate mother who would always notice even the most minute detail.

"Thank you very much," Harper said, feeling extremely grateful. She honestly thought that this was a good idea given the fact that she just looked so awful with blood stains all over her clothes. With that, Harper followed Isabella to a room and changed into a fresh set of clothes. A maid came over and took her dirty clothes away to have them washed. Then, Harper and Isabella went back to the room where Zack was staying. Seeing Harper lean in closer from time to time to check the temperature on Zack's forehead, Isabella felt so relieved. Harper did this in order to check his body's condition, so she could make sure that he didn't catch a fever.

"Let me just look after him. Why don't you go to the bedroom and get some rest first? If anything comes up, I will send the maid to call you. What do you say?" Isabella suggested. Although Isabella kind of liked seeing Harper taking care of Zack closely all the time, she still knew that Harper must be feeling so exhausted. After all, she had gone through a lot after leaving the Chu Clan mansion. She was attacked and she survived the assassination attempt. And after that, she had her

ding again. The bandage wrapped around it was dyed red by blood, and her hands had been frozen blue after being exposed to the icy snow for a long time. Looking at her hands, Isabella felt so heartbroken and quickly grabbed a hold of them. With an apologetic look, she said, "Let me change the bandage for you. Your wound has opened again."

"Please don't worry. It's not a big deal," Harper said as she tried to retract her hands, but she was stopped by Isabella.

"No! It's a big deal! You lost so much blood. Why don't you take care of yourself well, you poor girl?" Isabella exclaimed in a remorseful tone. Upon saying that, she immediately unwrapped the bandage on Harper's hand and began to dress up the wound for her.

Looking at Isabella's gentle profile, Harper felt extremely touched. She finally came to understand how Caroline became so gentle and considerate. As it turned out, it was all because she grew up with a gentle and caring mother.

After the wound was bound up, Harper couldn't help but notice that both Franklin and Isabella looked so drained of energy. So she said, "It's almost dawn. Please, you should go and get some rest. I will stay here to look after him in case his temperature rises up again. As long as he makes it through this night, he will be fine."

Hearing that, Isabella and Franklin glanced at each other and nodded at the same time. When Franklin arrived at the door, he turned around and called out, "Harper."

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