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   Chapter 165 Hailey Running Away (Part Two)

Time Travelling: My Love from the Royal Family By Sha Manyao Characters: 7889

Updated: 2020-03-05 10:28

"How dare you! How dare you commit a murder in the imperial capital!" Harper shouted loudly. The flames of anger were burning in her heart. These people were so unscrupulous. What kind of enmity did they have with the Bu Clan that they would do such a thing? First, they went after Zack, leaving him in the dangerous situation he was in at the moment. Now, they were trying to take Caroline's life as well. It seemed that they were determined to ruin the whole Bu Clan by getting rid of Franklin's children.

"Let's do this together!" one of them yelled out. In a matter of seconds, all the assassins had Harper and Caroline completely surrounded. Fortunately, Franklin had been smart enough to send some secret guards to protect Caroline. If it weren't for that, Caroline and Harper probably would have been killed on the spot.

"Protect Lady Caroline at all costs!" one of the secret guards shouted. The assassins fought a fierce battle with the secret guards. By accident, the horse was wounded by a stray arrow, causing it to lose balance, and Harper and Caroline fell off. Harper kept holding Caroline in her arms as they fell and rolled in the snow a couple of times before stopping.

"Caroline, are you okay?" Harper anxiously asked.

Caroline was only feeling a bit lightheaded. With Harper's support, she managed to stand up right away. The assassins' target was Caroline, so they ran away from the secret guards and rushed toward Caroline. Although Harper had some skills to defend herself, she was no match for these trained assassins at all. Steeling her resolve, Harper handed over the medicine box to Caroline and took out a dagger from her pocket. She was prepared to fight against the assassins by herself.

As it turned out, these assassins were much stronger than the ones Harper had faced once before. She didn't have enough strength to successfully fight back. When the sword was about to reach Caroline's neck, Harper stretched out her hand and deflected the sword, preventing Caroline from being hurt. At this moment, another sword had stabbed the assassin's throat.

"My Lady!"

"Forsythia, please escort us to the Bu Clan right away," Harper said as she wrapped her injured right hand with a handkerchief, completely ignoring everything else. With that, they rushed toward the Bu Clan in a hurry.

"Ladies, please don't worry.

nything bad happens to him."

"Okay." Now that she had his approval, Harper took out her scalpel and made a cross cut around the wound on Zack's chest. In an instant, the arrowhead had been pulled out. Harper then put it into a basin before cleaning the wound on Zack's chest. Everyone anxiously stared at her back, in fear that she would shake her head and tell them that she was unable to save Zack's life.

The three physicians also trembled with fear. It would be fine if Harper managed to save Zack. But if Zack were to die in the end, the Bu Clan would probably blame them for it. And they thought that even Harper might not be able to escape the blame either.

After she dressed and wrapped the wound, Harper wiped the sweat from her forehead and said, "He's safe for the time being."

Everyone heaved a sigh of relief. One of the imperial physicians went ahead and asked, "That means, he is all right?"

"All right?" Harper repeated his words back at him with a helpless smile on the face. "The arrow almost killed him! Do you think he would be all right so soon? I'm a human being, not a God. All I said was that the arrow was successfully pulled out without damaging the heart or the artery. As for whether he's going to be alright, we'll have to wait and see if he can survive tonight or not."

"Harper, are you saying that my son...?" Franklin anxiously asked.

"Please don't worry. I'm going to stay here tonight to look after him just in case anything happens. I am hoping that he will make it through this and be alright," Harper reassured him.

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