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   Chapter 164 Hailey Running Away (Part One)

Time Travelling: My Love from the Royal Family By Sha Manyao Characters: 7274

Updated: 2020-03-05 00:12

Hailey was locked inside the woodshed. No one was going to help her take care of the wounds on her face, so she had no choice but to apply pressure to the wounds to stop the bleeding. It was only now that she finally calmed down, understanding that she no longer had any position in the Chu Clan mansion.

"Harper, you and I are at daggers drawn from this day forward!" Hailey mumbled in the corner, gritting her teeth so hard. To keep herself warm, she used the straw she found in the shed. It was already in the cold winter season. Not only was she locked in the woodshed, she didn't even have a quilt to cover herself with. It was clear as day that the people from the Chu Clan wanted her to freeze to death.

When morning came, a servant came to bring Hailey food. Not wanting to waste this opportunity, Hailey attacked her and quickly escaped from the woodshed. At this point, she knew full well that no one was going to believe her no matter what she said. Then, she thought that Howard should be on the way back to the imperial capital, so she made up her mind to leave the Chu Clan mansion and go to Howard. In any case, staying in the Chu Clan mansion would surely cost her life.

Hailey's escape didn't cause much of a stir. In fact, when Charles got word about it, he didn't even bother asking anyone to chase after her. He simply said that they should just let her run away. Mavis also turned a deaf ear to this when she heard the news. Then, the Chu Clan announced to the public that the eldest daughter of the Chu Clan had been sick for a long time and passed away recently. To some extent, Nicole was still an outsider, so she couldn't care less about it either, given that even both Charles and Mavis didn't really care anymore.

The end of the year was supposed to be a peaceful time. And everyone was busy preparing for the coming New Year. But something terrible had befallen the Bu Clan. The only son of the Bu Clan, Zack, was attacked when he went out. He was pierced by an arrow in his chest. A number of imperial physicians came to treat him. But because the arrow was in close proximity to his heart, none of the imperial physicians were one hundred

a maid about Harper's whereabouts.

When Caroline saw Nina, she acted as though she had seen the savior. "Nina, it's something urgent. I need to see Harper as soon as possible! Take me there!"

"Okay, okay, please follow me." Nina took Caroline and showed her the way to the Emerald House at full speed. Hearing that Caroline had come to see Harper, Charles was quite surprised. Just as he was about to send someone to ask what was going on, he saw Harper leaving the Chu Clan mansion in a hurry while carrying the medicine box.

"Harper, where are you..." Before he could finish what he was trying to say, Harper had already disappeared. She rode the horse together with Caroline and disappeared into the distance very quickly. Worried about Harper's safety, Forsythia also rode a horse and went after them.

Due to the snow and the dark night, along with the dimly lit road, there were only a handful of passers-by on the street. Harper spurred the horse, making it run at full speed toward the Bu Clan. However, someone suddenly got in their way, stopping them in their tracks.

"Who are you?" Harper asked as she reined in the horse.

"We are here to kill you!" The cold sword shining in the moonlight went straight for Caroline's head who was in Harper's arms. Her eyes dilated as she watched the sword that was about to hit her. As Harper raised her hand, an arrow was quickly shot through the head of the one standing in their way.

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