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   Chapter 160 The Truth Shook Out (Part One)

Time Travelling: My Love from the Royal Family By Sha Manyao Characters: 7577

Updated: 2020-03-04 10:08

Soon, the Chu Clan mansion was surrounded by a crowd of palace guards. Everyone in the mansion was surprised by their sudden arrival. Charles, on arriving, was confused as to what was happening. Having no one to enquire about the reason for their presence, he began to worry if he had done something to offend the emperor.

"Please, can someone tell me what is happening? Why is my mansion surrounded by your men?" Charles asked, looking horrified.

Holding the imperial edict in his hand, the leader of the palace guards announced loudly, "His Majesty has ordered us to search the Chu Clan mansion. Anyone who tries to stop us will be punished severely. Please behave while we do our job, or else you could get executed."

Upon hearing that, Charles shuddered in fear. Since the situation seemed so dire, he thought perhaps someone in his family had committed a serious crime. But in spite of racking his mind, he couldn't understand what the crime was. 'It has to be something major or else the emperor wouldn't have demanded his palace guards to search the whole mansion, ' he thought worriedly.

"Sir, you can do your job. But would you care to tell me what exactly happened?" Charles asked as he caught up with the leader.

The leader glanced at Charles but his face was bereft of any emotion. "I'm sorry, Prime Minister Charles, but the truth is even I don't know the matter in detail. I just received the imperial edict to search your mansion."

On hearing this, the members of the mansion became more apprehensive. Nobody had expected such chaos would befall them. Mavis started to wonder, trying to come up with a plausible explanation. 'Could it be that someone had reported about the voodoo curse to the emperor?' she thought. Only Mavis, Harper, and Hailey knew about it. However, Harper had been staying with Mavis since yesterday. Mavis became furious when she realized the culprit was Hailey.

Thinking about that, Mavis closed her eyes painfully and said, "I didn't think she would turn out to be so cruel! That vile woman is willing to do anything in order to frame you up."

"Grandma," Harper called uneasily. "Will the Chu Clan...?"

"Harper, please don't worry. Everything will be fine," Mavis said in a comforting tone as she patted

k. He had been afraid of Harper, but today Charles had given him strict orders to drag her to the Peony House. Now he had no reason to be afraid of her since he was allowed to force her. From what he heard, the steward thought Harper would become useless and lose her high status in the Chu Clan very soon.

"Elsie, teach him a lesson so that he will know how to respect the lady in the Chu Clan," said Harper as she frowned with annoyance.

"Yes," Elsie replied. Then she quickly moved to the steward's side and slapped him hard across his face. He was caught off-guard and became dizzy with fright. That was not the end of the story. Elsie later kicked him in the belly. As a result, the steward fell down on his knees.

Harper coldly looked at the embarrassed steward and said, "Do you have any idea where the last steward is now?"

The steward trembled with fear. Although he didn't see the last steward in person, he heard that the last steward was beaten to death as per Harper's order.

"Lady Harper, please spare me. I didn't intend to offend you at all. It's just that your father has ordered me to take you to the Peony House. I'm under his order," the steward begged, praying he wouldn't have to experience the fate of the last steward. It was at this moment that he realized this was not an easy job. Even though Harper was a gentle woman, she could not be easily bullied. Those who had treated Harper terribly always came to a bad end. The only one who remained unaffected was Charles.

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