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   Chapter 152 The Voodoo Doll (Part One)

Time Travelling: My Love from the Royal Family By Sha Manyao Characters: 6277

Updated: 2020-03-03 14:48

"My Lady," Nina called as she rushed in. There was something off about the expression on her face. "Rose from the Fairy House is waiting outside. She has something very important to tell you."

"Rose? The Fairy House?" Harper repeated as she frowned slightly.

She could not think of any reason why Hailey's maid would come and talk to her. Curiosity won out. "Let her in," she ordered. As she waited for Rose to get in, she couldn't help but wonder if Hailey had finally made her move. What on earth would she do?

"Greetings, Lady Harper. My name is Rose," Rose greeted as she made a kowtow to Harper as soon as she came in.

"I heard that you have something important to tell me. What is it?" Harper asked monotonously. The maid had greeted her with a smile. But as soon as she saw Harper's indifferent expression, she immediately dropped any pretense. Rose's wall went up, her defenses on high alert.

"You're right, Lady Harper. I do have something to tell you. But it's a matter of great importance. Can I please tell you in private?" Rose asked. She shot the maids around a look, telling Harper if she could send all the other maids out of the room.

"No need for that. I trust my maids to be discreet. Just say whatever it is you want to say," Harper said. Nina and Anabel were her most trusted maids. They would keep everything to themselves.

"Yes, Lady Harper," Rose replied after she took a deep breath. "Lady Hailey has begun locking herself in her room. She stays in her room all day long and would never go out. No one could enter, too. Not even maids who bring her meals. They would just leave the dishes at the door and she would just get them."

"Is that all you want to say?" Harper raised her an eyebrow, daring Rose to share more. Everyone knew Hailey had been shutting herself inside her room. People had started to think that something was


"Can a maid who is in charge of cleaning the house do these things?" Harper asked curiously.

"Of course not. Those who are in charge of cleaning up the house rank lower than us. They are not even allowed to approach your private room, let alone tidy your quilt or change your sheets," Nina said. All of a sudden, she realized what was wrong. She blurted out in surprise, "Rose was lying!"

"Maybe she wasn't lying. Hailey could have deliberately asked Rose to change her sheets so that she would accidentally discover the doll. It could all be Hailey's plan for Rose to find it on purpose. This could be a carefully designed trap," Harper explained calmly. "But why would she do that? Does she want to frame me or Mother?"

"Perhaps, she wants His Majesty to reinstate her," Nina suggested.

"That's impossible!" Harper said resolutely. "Hailey is not a fool. Her target must be me or Mother. She has been wanting to be registered as a legitimate daughter for a while now. But with Mother pregnant, Hailey would never be legitimized. If anything goes wrong with the child Mother has been carrying, then Hailey would be blamed. Hailey would know that, for sure. She would never do anything to put herself in that precarious position."

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