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   Chapter 148 Sit Still And Wait For Death (Part One)

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Mathew found Harper and urged her for a game of Go. Though it should be a pleasant thing to play Go, Harper always found it extremely challenging to play Go with Matthew. She had to rack her brain and try different ways to win. And if she happened to lose, she would not be able to escape from being rebuked and sneered at by him. She felt like she was a little being scolded by her father, and she hated this feeling.

Finally, a round of Go game got over. Harper fled away at once regardless of the laughter coming from behind, which made her face burn. She always felt intimidated by Matthew and tried to stay away from him. For her, he was as harmful as poison, and she should stay away from him if she wanted to live longer.

As soon as Harper entered the Chu Clan mansion, she happened to meet Hailey. Hailey glared at Harper with a face full of anger and hatred. Earlier, Hailey and Sue had had the final say in this mansion, but now, ever since Sue's demise, Hailey had been mistreated even by servants of the mansion. She firmly believed that behind all her sufferings, there must be some tricks played by Harper.

"Harper!" Hailey called out.

"Hailey." Looking at Hailey being supported by her maid as she tried to walk, Harper smiled. "It seems that you have fully recovered and can get out of bed."

"Harper, I have to admit that you are very capable!" Hailey sighed, as she limped ahead with Tina's support. "Hats off to you, Harper! You killed my mother and Felicia."

Harper didn't take Hailey's words seriously. She just looked at Hailey quietly without responding to her. Although Hailey was no longer as powerful as before, she was still treasured by Charles. But for the sake of Nicole, Charles didn't dare to treat Hailey like before lest it might displease Nicole and make her be harder on Hailey.

"You set Hansen up as well, didn't you?" Hailey asked in a low voice. "Hansen's sudde

were only a few days left before the New Year.

"Don't worry, My Lady. I've ordered our people to keep an eye on them. They will inform us as soon as they find anyone going out from the Fairy House," Forsythia replied confidently. It was certainly not a difficult task for her to deal with a weak and defenseless lady like Hailey. In her opinion, it was not easy for Hailey to send a letter to Howard.

Harper pulled a warmer around her arms under the quilt and felt the warmth radiating from it throughout her body. Suddenly, she felt that she had become very lazy and just wanted to stay warm in her cozy bed.

"My Lady." A servant came to the Emerald House. "Lady Hailey's maid Tina was seen going out of the mansion."

Harper's eyes lit up immediately as she heard the maid. Her lips curved into a crooked smile. 'You finally couldn't help but ask Howard for a favor? But, I won't let your wish come true.'

"Nina, give her two taels of silver as a reward."

The maid received her reward from Nina and left after expressing her gratitude towards Harper. It was only after then that Harper said, "Forsythia, make sure that Hailey's maid won't succeed in taking anything out of the mansion and get everything back to me. Do remember not to leave out anything!"

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