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   Chapter 142 Sympathy (Part Two)

Time Travelling: My Love from the Royal Family By Sha Manyao Characters: 6331

Updated: 2020-03-03 10:00

"Alexandra, do you want to go to school?" Harper asked abruptly. It wasn't good for Alexandra to be in the mansion all the time. It would be great if he could study in a boarding school to be away from here. This way, he could avoid the storm that was bound to come. But before doing so, she would have to reveal to Mavis that Alexandra was a boy. Only then could he study outside as a boy. Once he graduated and came back home, they could reveal his real gender to everyone else.

"Yes, it is my dream to go to school!" said Alexandra anxiously, but then the light of hope in his eyes dissipated. "But my mother is seriously ill and she needs me."

Harper patted his head and said, "Okay then. You should continue with your studying now. I'll go and check your mother."

Harper entered the room, and Joey was awake. She was so excited to see Harper that she attempted to sit up.

"Lady Joey, you'd better lie down. I came here to take a look at you." Harper sat down. "I just saw Alexandra writing something from a history book he had read a while ago. He is very passionate about studying and wishes to go to school."

Joey's face darkened and she smiled bitterly. "It's my fault. I can't make him grow up as a normal child, nor can I let him study outside. I'm really a useless mother."

"Lady Joey, Hailey has been deprived of the position as an imperial physician under His Majesty's order. And she is forbidden from entering the Imperial Palace forever," Harper said seriously. "This mansion is gradually becoming rotten."

Joey was a little emotional and gasped for breath. She wanted to sit up, but she finally gave up. "I see."

"I am leaving now," Harper said and decided to leave. She didn't say anything nice to comfort her. Joey was dying and it would be of no use to tell her to take good care of herself. At the moment, Harper's priority was to take Alexandra to see

body is going to look after him."

Mavis was stunned. She wondered if Harper was taking a pity on Alexandra merely because they shared a similar life.

"Grandma, Alexandra is your grandson. Please help him. Right now, our family is not stable and it won't do him any good to stay in the mansion. Howard will come back at the end of the year. He probably doesn't want to see Alexandra, so wouldn't it be better to just send him away?" Noticing that Mavis wasn't giving a reply, Harper pleaded, "Grandma, Father prefers Howard and Hailey. I don't care that he doesn't love me. Sometimes, I do hate myself for being unable to win his love. However, Alexandra is too young. He shouldn't go through that pain."

Mavis was helpless. Deep down, she believed Harper had a point, but she didn't think there was much she could do. "Harper, you don't have a reason to get entangled in this. You have your own problems to deal with!"

"Please do me a favor, Grandma." Harper immediately knelt down and bowed her head. "I hope Alexandra can have a different life, instead of being locked up in this cold house. He deserves better than this. If he stays here, he will die out of loneliness. Please understand, Grandma!"

"You can go back now. Let me think about it."

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