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   Chapter 141 Sympathy (Part One)

Time Travelling: My Love from the Royal Family By Sha Manyao Characters: 6705

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Charles held onto the imperial edict tightly, unable to believe his own ears. Hailey was deprived of her position as an imperial physician. And to make things worse, she was forbidden from entering the Imperial Palace forever.

The steward was too scared to utter a word. He knew his master was in shock. After all, the daughter Charles had devoted all his efforts to cultivate was now forbidden from entering the Imperial Palace. As a consequence, she would be stripped from having a connection with any noble clan. Now that the emperor had classified her as immoral and vicious, her marriage would be a problem too.

"Nicole!" After a long while, Charles finally regained his senses. He gnashed his teeth in anger but couldn't utter more than just one word. He held Nicole responsible for all of this. If Nicole hadn't complained to the emperor, this wouldn't have happened to Hailey.

"Where is Nicole?" inquired Charles once he was in a position to speak.

The steward wiped the cold sweat from his forehead. "Her Highness... Her Highness went back to Prince Allen's mansion early in the morning."

"She's back to Prince Allen's mansion?" Charles tried to make sense of the situation. He felt like an idiot for not having figured it out already. Behind Nicole was Prince Allen!

The steward nodded his head. Once again, he explained how he had seen Nicole leave early in the morning.

"Why didn't you stop Her Highness?" Charles asked while he was boiling in rage.

The steward wanted to let out a cry. 'How could I have stopped her?' he thought to himself. Nicole and the people around her were difficult to deal with. Belinda particularly had the tendency to start to fight whenever there was something wrong. Moreover, she hadn't given him enough time to react. Once the steward had realized what had happened, Nicole's carriage was already away from his sight.

Charles waved his hand. He knew Nicole was a determined and arrogant woman. If she wanted to leave, nobody could stop her. A

the mansion, her thoughts revolving around Alexandra. She couldn't stop wondering what would happen to him. If Nicole had a daughter, it would be okay. But if she ended up with a son, Alexandra would be hated by Nicole. And Howard wouldn't be easy on him either. In short, Alexandra would not be accepted by anyone in this mansion.

"Hi, Harper." A childish voice came into her ears. As Harper walked, she had unconsciously arrived at Breeze House where Joey lived. Alexandra squatted in front of the gate and continued to stare at her, vying for her attention.

Harper stretched out her hand and rubbed his head. "How's your mother?"

"She took some medicine and fell asleep. I sneaked out as soon as she dozed off," said Alexandra with guilt.

Looking at the stick in his hand, Harper gathered that Alexandra was practicing writing on the ground. As a concubine's disguised daughter, he wasn't valued by Charles. Ever since he started to learn, he wasn't provided with any good teacher. But he was quite determined to study. With the help of his photographic memory, he was writing down sentences from a history book.

"Are you interested in history books?" asked Harper.

"There are no books in this house, and most books in your house are related to medicine. I found a history book, and I like it," Alexandra answered.

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