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   Chapter 140 The Punishment Came To Her (Part Two)

Time Travelling: My Love from the Royal Family By Sha Manyao Characters: 7168

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"Father!" Clark Jun couldn't help but interject. "You should at least find out the exact reason first. You can't always keep messing around in front of His Majesty."

Of course, Allen also realized that he was being reckless. So, he turned to look at Nicole and asked patiently, "Nicole, I want you to tell me what happened."

Nicole was choking up as she tried to explain everything. In the end, the words just wouldn't come out of her mouth. Seeing that she was much too depressed to say anything, Casey shook her head and told Allen what happened in detail. When he finally learned everything, Allen became so furious that even his beard trembled with rage.

"How dare they! Hailey, that's her name, right? Is she really so arrogant and bold?" Allen couldn't imagine how Hailey could have done something so unforgivable and the way she was treated by Charles. As far as he was concerned, Hailey was just a concubine's daughter, so she shouldn't have such a high status in the Chu Clan mansion. Where did she get the audacity to poison Nicole's baby? And to make matters worse, she even tried to put the blame to the only legitimate daughter. This girl was definitely more than malicious.

"I've heard of Hailey before. But all I know is that Harper never dares to get on her bad side because their father would always punish Harper regardless of whether it is Hailey's fault or not," Carlson said, trying to feign fear. "No wonder Harper said that the day Aunt Nicole got married to her father was the happiest day of her life and the Chu Clan mansion finally had a decent hostess."

"Even Harper is afraid of her?" Allen asked. Clearly, he didn't believe it at all. He had already met Harper once before, so he had an idea how capable and arrogant Harper was. She was so overbearing that she dared to offend all the high officials and aristocrats in the court.

"If you ask me, I would say that she has just been trying to avoid dealing with Hailey," Carlson explained. "Harper is, by no means, afraid of trouble. It's just that she tries so hard to avoid any conflict with Hailey because she wants the Chu Clan mansion to be peacef

hat the emperor had some order to give. Without delay, he straightened his clothes and went out to receive the imperial edict.

The messenger who arrived was the eunuch who served the emperor closely. His name was Andy Song. "Prime Minister Charles, isn't Lady Hailey at home?" he asked.

"She has caught a cold and is staying in bed at the moment. She is too weak to come out. Please forgive her," Charles replied. Right now, anxiety was brewing deep inside his heart. The emperor, at this time, issued an imperial edict to the Chu Clan mansion and mentioned Hailey, which would probably not be a good thing. With that in mind, he looked around and didn't see Nicole anywhere, making him feel even more ill at ease.

"Well, it doesn't really matter whether she is here or not. Prime Minister Charles, please receive the imperial edict."


"Of the heavens' will and by His Majesty's imperial edict, Hailey Chu, the eldest daughter of Prime Minister Charles, tried to murder Princess Nicole and her baby. Being immoral and vicious, she will be deprived of the position as an imperial physician and won't be allowed to step foot in the Imperial Palace forever," Andy Song announced.

When he heard this, Charles' eyes widened and he raised his head in utter disbelief. With that, Andy Song handed the imperial edict over to him and said, "Here you are, Prime Minister Charles. Please accept the imperial edict."

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