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   Chapter 139 The Punishment Came To Her (Part One)

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Hailey had been flogged. As a result, she ended up catching a fever that night. Feeling so worried, Charles couldn't get an ounce of sleep. He stayed in the Fairy House to take care of her himself. The following day, he got prepared early and rushed to the Imperial Palace to attend the imperial court session. Because of that, he had no idea whatsoever that Nicole had come out of the Chu Clan mansion.

Upon seeing Harper in front of him, the steward gulped hard. Then, he stumbled over his words and greeted her, "Good... Good morning, Lady Harper."

"Where is Mother? Did she leave the mansion?" Harper asked in a tender voice.

The steward didn't know why, but for some reason, he could tell that the smile on Harper's face was dangerous. Even though she was wearing a gentle smile, it was sending shivers down his spine.

"Yes. Her Highness said that she'd been missing her family, so she would be staying over at Prince Allen's mansion for a couple of days," the steward replied honestly. In any case, that was what Belinda told him.

"Did Mother mention anything about when she'd be coming back?" Harper asked again.

"I'm afraid not," the steward quickly replied.

Hearing that, Harper simply nodded and walked away with her maid. From what she could gather, Nicole must have been so angry that she decided to go back to the place where she used to live. If Charles wouldn't personally come to Prince Allen's mansion to pick her up, she probably wouldn't come back no matter how many days passed. And even if she were to return at some point in time, Charles would have to pay the price. As for what the price was going to be, no one could say for sure for the time being.

Casey, Allen's wife, was so delighted to see that Nicole had come back. Be that as it might, as soon as they saw each other, Nicole immediately burst into tears. No matter how many times Casey tried to ask her what happened, she just continued crying without saying a single word. In the end, Casey opted to ask the maid who served Nicole and found out the truth.

"That bastard! They went too far!" Casey cursed in a fit of rage as her face turned livid. "That bitch is just a humble concubine

... Forgive me, Carlson. I never should've doubted her. If I hadn't hesitated and instead, called her over right away to check my body, the baby wouldn't have gotten hurt," Nicole said as she cried her eyes out. Due to her lameness, she had been poked fun at ever since she was little. And even though Allen did his best to protect her, people still laughed at her behind their backs. Because of that, she had no other choice but to pretend that she didn't know any of those demeaning remarks. At this moment, she just couldn't imagine that her baby would also have to live its life being teased and taunted all the time.

"What's wrong? Nicole, why are you back?" Allen finally arrived with his eldest son, Clark Jun, following closely behind him. While Allen was a typical mighty man, Clark Jun was a rather gentle person.

"Mother, Aunt Nicole," Clark Jun greeted them politely as soon as he came in.

"Allen, you are finally back," Casey said with a grim expression on her face.

Seeing this, Allen sat down beside his beloved wife and held her hands. "Who pissed you off? Please calm yourself down. Tell me who irritated you. I'll beat him up!"

"Allen, please be serious!" Casey helplessly exclaimed. "It isn't me who has been wronged. It's Nicole."

"Nicole? Nicole, what's the matter? Isn't Charles treating you well? Just go ahead and tell me everything. I will talk to His Majesty and he will seek justice for you!" Allen honestly said.

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