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   Chapter 130 Being Slapped (Part One)

Time Travelling: My Love from the Royal Family By Sha Manyao Characters: 6261

Updated: 2020-03-03 09:54

On the Winter Solstice Day, Harper got up early to greet Mavis and Charles. On this day, all the officials would take a one-day leave to attend family reunions. Of course, Charles also stayed at home to celebrate the festival with his family.

Mavis and Charles prepared the gifts for the children just like they always did. Since they had Nicole this year, she was the one in charge of the preparations for the festival. But given the fact that she was expecting a baby, she couldn't exert herself too much, so she let Harper take care of everything instead.

"I'm here to pay respects to Grandma, Father and Mother. I wish all of you good health and all the happiness in the world." After asking the servant to bring over the gifts she had prepared, Harper stepped back right away.

Having to make her presence after Harper made Hailey feel so irritated. However, now that Sue was no longer around, she had no one to back her up anymore. Apart from that, Nicole seemed to detest concubines' children, so she wasn't on amiable terms with Hailey. For that reason, Hailey didn't dare to rub anyone up the wrong way.

"I would like to pay respects to Grandma, Father and Mother as well. I wish you good health and all the happiness the world could give." Hailey presented the gifts to them personally. The one she prepared for Nicole was a large box, which a maid carried in her arms.

"Mother, I prepared a special gift just for you and I'm hoping that you will like it," Hailey said, in an attempt to curry favor with Nicole.

Feeling a bit intrigued, Nicole glanced at the box in the maid's arms and asked, "What is it?"

With that, the maid proceeded to open the box and she saw a Persian cat inside with snow white fur and glassy eyes, shining brightly like the stars in the heavens.

"Mother, I heard that you love cats. And I happened to come across a beau

lp shaking her head. 'How on earth can you survive in this mansion?' she thought to herself.

"Really? I thought she looked into the things that I liked so that she could harm me." Nicole's words were extremely harsh. All Hailey could do was cry her eyes out. She still couldn't understand why Nicole had to treat her like this. Could it be because of something that Harper said to her?

"Hailey, please don't take this the wrong way. Mother didn't mean to give you a hard time. It's just that she is pregnant right now, so she can't come into contact with cats for the safety of the child in her womb," Harper explained softly.

"What?" Hailey blurted out as she looked in disbelief at Nicole's flat belly. Since she was pregnant, it would make it close to impossible for her to be registered as Nicole's child now.

"Because Mother is having her first child, the first three months are the most crucial period. She wants to announce this news to everyone after she makes sure that her pregnancy is stable. However, you didn't know that, and you gave her a cat. That is why she got so angry with you. Hailey, you should just apologize to Mother now. She isn't going to blame you." Harper's words just made Hailey feel even more miserable.

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