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   Chapter 123 The Death Of Sue (Part Two)

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Lacy covered her mouth with one hand to suppress her sobs. She then entered the room to serve Sue. When Sue saw Lacy's tearful eyes, she asked, "Did she come?"

Lacy forced a smile and said, "Not yet, My Lady. But don't worry. Lady Hailey will come very soon. You are her mother. She will definitely come."

Sue immediately knew what had happened. "So she doesn't want to see me for the last time?" asked Sue.

"My Lady," Lacy murmured, her own heart breaking at the truth, the truth that she couldn't tell a dying mother longing to see her daughter for the last time.

"Ha-ha." Sue laughed grimly, with blood trickling from the sides of her mouth. "Well, well, well. She is as cruel as her father. I really shouldn't have kept them!"

"My Lady, please don't feel so sad. Lady Hailey won't leave you alone." Lacy was a little shocked. It was obvious that Sue was going to die at this moment. However, before Lacy could finish her words, someone knocked her out.

"It's you!" Sue screamed when she recognized who knocked Lacy out.

The woman took off her cloak, revealing her face. It was Serena, who had always waited on the wings, looking for the right time to attack. She said, "I know you are close to dying. So I came to see you for the last time."

"What? You want to see how miserable I am? Who do you think you are? You are just a whore. How dare you laugh at me?!" Sue cursed angrily as the blood continued to gush out of her mouth. Despite this, Sue powered on. She would not appear weak in front of Serena.

Serena didn't get angry. She sat opposite to Sue and looked at Sue. "You made me unable to have a baby since then. Everyone alienated you despite all the power you had. Charles poisoned you. Your daughter doesn't care about your life. Even your son doesn't care about you. You have three children and yet, no one

d, "Well, I see. Give her a decent funeral!"

"Yes, My Lord."

As Sue was a concubine, her funeral was not that grand. Hailey, Sue's biological daughter, did not want to organize the funeral. Instead, it was Harper, whom Sue had considered to be the enemy, arranged Sue's funeral.

After Sue's funeral, Harper went to Mavis to report everything. She found Mavis praying and waited for her to finish. She just knelt next to Mavis, praying as well.

When Mavis finished, Harper walked up to her and helped her sit up. "Grandma, I've already dealt with everything. Lady Sue had stolen a large amount of money from the Chu Clan mansion, so I confiscated all her properties. Hailey's dowry will be deducted from those properties in the future."

"Okay," Mavis replied as she walked out of the Buddhist prayer room with Harper's support. "Did Hailey go to Sue's funeral?"

Harper shook her head. From beginning to end, Hailey never showed up at Sue's funeral. Although Sue was bad, she was still Hailey's mother. Sue treated her children well. Even though she preferred Felicia the most, she was still very nice to Hailey. But Hailey did not even bother to show up at Sue's funeral. That was just too cruel and heartless.

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