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   Chapter 122 The Death Of Sue (Part One)

Time Travelling: My Love from the Royal Family By Sha Manyao Characters: 6638

Updated: 2020-03-01 14:58

There was something eerie about Charles' calmness. The young women Sue had chosen for him were all easy on the eyes. There was no reason for him to receive them with less than enthusiastic welcome. If this was the Charles she knew, there was no doubt that the women would end up as his new concubines. But it seemed like something was wrong with him. He seemed to have changed his mind about these women and that worried Sue so much.

Sue did not know what to do anymore. Restless, she had sent Lacy to speak with Charles. Before Lacy could even see him, she was already turned away at the door. Lacy had asked Hailey, too, but to no avail.

"My Lady, why don't you see Lacy?" Tina asked, confused. Lacy worked for Sue, but why did Hailey refuse to see her mother's maid? Tina was at a loss.

Hailey continued to embroider a handkerchief and replied, "There's no need for me to see her anymore. Father has already intended to marry Princess Nicole. After she marries into our mansion, my brother and I will be registered as her children. I will be the most respectful daughter in the Chu Clan. Even though Harper is the daughter of Father's first wife, she will be no match for me and my brother."

A flicker of surprise flashed in Tina's eyes, but she quickly hid it. Sue was Hailey's biological mother. How could she even dismiss that fact for a more convenient one to raise her social status? How cruel and heartless! Hailey would not even blink her eyes if her maids were in danger.

"But, My Lady, Lacy has been asking to see you for so long now. That may cause us trouble if she keeps asking to see you outside our place," Tina said immediately. She couldn't let anyone know how heartless Hailey was. Although she knew nothing good would come out of the situation, she couldn't help but feel hopeful. After all, if fortune favored Hailey, then she, as her servant, would only gain more.

"Tell Lacy that she's too late. Father will be marrying Princess Nicole and will not

Lady Hailey about this. I would really appreciate it if you could help me!" Lacy said sadly. She searched around her pockets and gave the only money she had to one of the guards, begging him to pass on the message.

The guard counted the money in his hand and said, "Well, wait for me. I'll pass the message to Lady Hailey."

The guard immediately went to look for Hailey, but a maid came out. After a few moments, the guard was told that Hailey had fallen asleep and she would not see anyone.

Lacy had thought that after Hailey heard about Sue's condition, she would come, running to see Sue. She certainly did not expect the guard to tell her that Hailey had fallen asleep and would not see anyone.

"Did you emphasize that it was Lady Sue asking for her? Lady Sue is her mother and she is dying," Lacy asked to confirm, thinking that maybe the guard had not passed her words accurately.

"Yes. I told Tina who works for Lady Hailey that Lady Sue is seriously ill and that she wants to see Lady Hailey for the last time. Tina went inside for a while. Then, she came out and told me that Lady Hailey had fallen asleep and that she would not see anyone. Well, that's all I can do. You should go back now. I don't think Lady Hailey will come here to see Lady Sue. Just tell Lady Sue about it," the guard replied.

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