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   Chapter 116 Sue's Plan (Part One)

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Sue's condition continued worsening with each passing day. It even came to a point where she could no longer take care of herself at all. Because of that, Charles had completely lost interest in her and had no plans to visit her whatsoever. As a matter of fact, he even ordered his servants to have Sue moved out of her place and take her into a relatively remote house. But worst of all, there were only two maids taking care of her right now.

In order to make sure that Hailey would stop looking into the fact that Sue had been poisoned, Charles forbade everyone from paying Sue a visit—including Hailey, of course. The way things stood, it was rather apparent that he had totally given up on Sue already. Apart from that, Mavis steadily and persistently refused to register Hailey as Kelly's daughter, leaving Hailey feeling extremely irritated and worried. If Sue succumbed to the poison, Hailey knew full well that her chances of being registered as Kelly's daughter would be close to none. If it came to that, she would be caught up in an even worse situation.

"My Lady, I just saw Lacy passing by," Tina reported to Harper as soon as she entered the room. "Lacy went to meet Prime Minister Charles earlier. It appears that Lady Sue's condition has been improving lately and she wants to see him. But he refused to go and see her."

"She's starting to feel better?" Harper asked, feeling a little surprised. After all, she was well aware of how the Nightmare worked. Once a person had been poisoned by it, their body would gradually get weaker. Yet here Tina was, informing her that Sue was getting better. Could it be because Charles had stopped poisoning Sue that her body was starting to recover? Even Harper had no idea. Still, she thought she should pay her a visit to see for herself and find out what was really happening.

The place where Sue was currently staying in was so quiet and peaceful. With the guards at the entrance fast asleep, a black figure managed to sneak into the house. Who would have thought someone would come to visit this place this late in the evening?

"Lacy, does he still not want to come here to see me?" Sue asked, her voice sounding so weak. Due to the poison, she had lost a lot of weight. To make matt

ansion anymore." Hailey deliberately described the situation in a way that was much worse than what it really was. "Mother, I no longer hold any power in this mansion. Right now, Harper is taking care of the family affairs, and Grandma just keeps on trying to protect her all the time. I can feel that Father doesn't like us anymore. If things go on like this, I'm afraid that it won't be long before we're kicked out of the mansion."

"No, no, I won't let us be thrown out. Harper is much too young to be taking over the whole mansion!" Sue angrily remarked before coughing up a little. "Hailey, don't worry about me. When you get back, try to find a way to tell your father that I'm gravely ill and worried that no one is around to take care of him. Tell him that I want to take some concubines for him before I die."

When she heard Sue's words, Hailey's eyes lit up. Sue must have come up with a plan already. Nodding her head in agreement, Hailey then said, "Well then, Mother, have a good night's rest. Rest assured, I will definitely ask someone to tell Father. My only wish is that Father wouldn't be too heartless for the sake of the relationship the two of you shared over the years."

"You should head back now. I know him like the back of my hand. As long as he gets my message, he will surely come to see me," Sue bitterly said. Never would she have expected that the day would come where she would be forced to take more concubines for her husband. Was this what they called karma?

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