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   Chapter 114 Hailey's Plan (Part One)

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"No, I refuse!" No one had expected Harper to be the first one to refuse outright as soon as Charles finished his words. As per the common perception of Harper, she was a nice person who would agree on almost everything. One thing that Charles had already forgotten was how sensitive Harper was when it came to her biological mother.

In an instant, there was a displeased look on Charles' face. "Harper, behave yourself. Think twice before you speak!"

"No way. I will not allow this," Harper said stubbornly. She turned her head away to avoid looking at Charles.

"Harper, why are you refusing it so strongly? Now that you're taking charge of everything in the mansion, you already own everything. I only want to be registered as the daughter of your mother. Are you so narrow-minded to refuse even such a small favor?" Hailey said in an aggrieved voice. Her eyes turned red as if Harper had bullied her.

Harper pouted, threw herself into the arms of Mavis, and started crying. "Grandma, look at how Father and Hailey are bullying me. There is almost nothing left in my life. My fiance was stolen. I was expelled from the Imperial Academy of Medicine. The only thing I am left with is my identity as the daughter of my mother. But Hailey wants me to give this identity to her as well. Grandma, how could they do this to me? Hailey even alleges me of bullying her. The truth is that it is the other way round. It is Hailey who has been bullying me. She is simply taking advantage of Father's favoritism towards her!"

"Harper, what nonsense are you talking about?" Charles rebuked back. However, at the same time, he found himself unable to refute what Harper said. What wrong did Harper say? She was supposed to marry into Prince Kevin's mansion. But later, Hansen called off their engagement because of Felicia. Even her job as a physician in the Imperial Academy of Medicine was taken away by Hailey. Now, Hailey even wanted to be registered as Kelly's daughter.

"Harper is absolutely right," Mavis said as she patted Harp

r with high regard. If Harper happened to get back to the Imperial Academy of Medicine, the entire hard work put in by Hailey to get a stronghold in the Imperial Academy of Medicine would be in vain.

"What? You don't agree to do even such a small favor?" Mavis asked as she glared angrily at Hailey.

"No, Grandma, that's not the case. It's just that I am staying at home to take care of my mother for the time being. Besides, what happened to Felicia is still a hot topic of gossip for the people. In this kind of situation, if I send the recommendation letter to His Majesty, he will be reminded of what happened between our clan and Prince Kevin's mansion, which would only end up making him more upset. Don't you think it may cause greater trouble for us?" Hailey applied her presence of mind and refused Mavis' request euphemistically. She would rather give up her life than introduce Harper to the Imperial Academy of Medicine! Never!

"Well, now that you don't want to do this, just forget getting registered as Kelly's daughter," Mavis said in a stern tone and turned her face. It was the end of the discussion from her side. She had made her point straight and clear. If Charles wanted to have Hailey registered as Kelly's daughter, then Hailey must help Harper get into the Imperial Academy of Medicine. Otherwise, she would never allow it.

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