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   Chapter 111 The Critical Illness Of Sue (Part Two)

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Harper presented several dozens of records with no detailed explanations about what the money had been used for whatsoever. Adding them all up, the total amount of the missing money was more than 100, 000 taels of silver. Although they had been recorded in the account books, there were no details about what they were used for. With a grim look on his face, Charles became more and more infuriated. Never would he have thought that Sue, who had ta100, 000 taels of silver. That was a huge amount of money.

"How bold she was!" There was a grim look on Charles' face, and a menacing glance flashed in his eyes. How he wished he could strangle Sue right this very second!

Noticing how furious Charles was, Harper grabbed another account book and said, "Father, this is the items record of our properties in the warehouse. I found that a lot of things in the warehouse didn't match what were written on the book. Based on my initial estimation, all of the missing items would be worth more than 200, 000 taels of silver. As for who took all of those properties away, there is nothing about that on record."

"No way! How could it be possible that there is no record at all?" Charles furiously took the book away from her hands. At that point, he was obviously about to go into a fit of rage. When he checked the contents of the book, he found out that many precious treasures had gone missing in the warehouse.

"If someone wants to take something from the warehouse, they must have been looked after by Lady Sue, the steward, or the guard on duty while taking it away. But there were no records about the missing things at all. Father, I don't know who could have done something like that in this mansion, and I was left with no other choice but to call you over and discuss it privately with you." Harper had made everything clear to him and told him the reason why she asked him to come here. Charles, however, couldn't care less about that anymore. Right now, all he wished to know was why those things, along with the 100, 000 taels of silver had gone missing. Apart from that, he also knew that it must have been Sue who did it. In fact, he was even suspecting Sue of having an affair with someone.

"I will ask someone to look into it. For now, you should check everything in the storehouse and check what is missing. After that, I want you to come back to report it to me," Charles ordered before leaving with a dreary face.

Harper showed Charles out of the house. Then, she went back to her room right away. By that time, Forsythia had already returned. Lowering her head politely at Harper, she reported, "My Lady, I actually found it. I was scared I might get caught, so I only took a little with me."

Taking the small bottle from Forsythia, Harper asked, "Where

ey. "These are the medical books left by our uncle. I've read all of them. You can take them back with you and read them carefully if you want. I hope you will find something useful."

"Thank you so much, Harper. I appreciate it." As she looked at Harper, who had remained calm and composed the entire time, Hailey couldn't help but despise her deep inside. Harper had never paid a visit to Sue even though Sue was so terribly ill. All she ever did was send the steward to send her regards whenever the need called for it. The steward was a new one. He worked for Charles.

"How has Lady Sue been doing recently?"

"She is fine. It's just that she is too weak to be moving around," Hailey flatly said. There was no way she was going to tell Harper the truth, because Harper was the monkey wrench to their plan as well as their number one enemy. Right now, she had already succeeded in gaining control of the domestic affairs in the mansion. Most of Sue's servants had been replaced by Harper recently. Sue was so infuriated that it even made her spit blood, causing her condition to become even worse.

Harper had deliberately included one medical book in particular, which she had made some notes to help Harper realize the type of poison Sue was suffering from, among those books she had handed over to Hailey. As long as Hailey read it carefully, she would surely be able to find the poison. As a matter of fact, Harper was so considerate that she even wrote down the method to test the poison for Hailey's reference. Once Hailey performed it, then the evidence would become solid. 'Hailey, if you manage to find that Sue is poisoned, who are you going to turn to? Will you talk about this to Father or Grandma?' Harper wondered quietly deep inside her heart. How thrilled she was as she waited to see the drama that was just around the corner!

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