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   Chapter 110 The Critical Illness Of Sue (Part One)

Time Travelling: My Love from the Royal Family By Sha Manyao Characters: 7261

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Sue's illness had taken a turn for the worse. Just the other day, she could still talk to others, but right now, she had become so weak that she couldn't get out of bed on her own. Harper, on the other hand, had begun taking over the household affairs little by little through Annie's guidance.

Given how smart and capable Harper was, Annie only had good things to say about her in front of Mavis. Knowing that Harper was doing great and everything was going smoothly, Mavis felt so pleased. But in spite of that, she never failed to remind Harper to take good care of herself and try not to exert herself too much because of all the work she had to do.

Harper made it a point to come over every day to greet Mavis and feel her pulse as well, in order to make sure that she stayed in good health. Just recently, she had informed her about the changes of personnel within the Chu Clan mansion in detail. The number of people who got replaced might not be that high, but those positions were still sensitive and pivotal roles. The staff which had been replaced were the ones in the account department, the kitchen, and the storehouse.

Truth be told, Harper made the decision to change the personnel through Annie's suggestion. And Annie did that because Mavis herself had told her to remind Harper of this. The purpose of doing this was to get rid of the servants who were loyal to Sue one after another. Now was the best time to do it since Sue was much too weak to stop Harper from driving her people out.

Hailey had been back to the mansion for a couple of days now, and she also came over every day to pay Mavis a visit. However, Mavis always seemed so apathetic toward her. There was never a time when she had been as intimate with her the way she was with Harper. From the looks of it, Mavis was probably considering Harper as her only granddaughter. Apart from that, Hailey also noticed that Mavis had asked Harper to take charge of the household affairs in the mansion, something which made her feel so uneasy. If things went on like this and Harper became the person in charge of the household affairs, Hailey had the gut feeling that she was bound to lose he

comfortable at Harper's this request. But he did not refuse to go either. Guided by Nina, he went to the Emerald House.

As soon as Charles was gone, a figure rushed into the study without making any noise. It was none other than Forsythia.

Harper was waiting for his arrival at the door. Upon seeing him, she walked up to him and greeted, "Father."

"Do you have any idea what time it is? It's already so late in the evening. What do you want to talk about?" asked Charles, obviously a bit displeased.

Knowing full well that her father didn't like being bothered, Harper quickly got down on her knees and begged, "Please forgive me for asking you to come here, Father. It's just that there's something really important I have to tell you. I wasn't so sure whom I can trust. So, I had no choice but to ask you for help."

"What is it?" Seeing how serious Harper looked at that moment, Charles couldn't help feeling uneasy.

With that, Harper presented the account books, which had pages marked by red circles and lines. "Father, please take a look at this! It states here that Lady Sue took 3, 000 taels of silver from the account to conduct a religious rite. But other than that, no more details. I can't find any information where she conducted it and why she needed to do it in the first place. And this one. It states that Lady Sue took 3, 000 taels of silver from the account without having any solid reason. And here as well..."

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