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   Chapter 109 Mavis' Decision (Part Two)

Time Travelling: My Love from the Royal Family By Sha Manyao Characters: 8278

Updated: 2020-02-27 00:02

"Grandma, then..."

Before Harper could say what she was about to say, Mavis stopped her from doing so. She knew what Harper had in mind. Harper wanted to talk about her getting sent into the Imperial Palace. However, after all of the terrible things that happened in the Chu Clan, Mavis had changed her mind. She was no longer interested in sending Harper to the Imperial Palace. The Imperial Palace was a place that would burn a person to the bone. Indeed, the emperor was, by no means, a trustworthy husband. And as for the other princes, Mavis was worried that none of them would be willing to marry Harper and make her their wife. Because of that, Mavis had made up her mind that before she passed away, she would find a good and trustworthy husband for Harper. That was the last thing she could do for her beloved granddaughter.

"The emperor has gotten old. I wouldn't want you to live a life of difficulty in the Imperial Palace," Mavis said in a somber tone. "Don't you even think about entering the Imperial Palace. There's so much deceit in the Imperial Palace. I'm afraid you will be eaten up to the bone by others. When you finally get married in the future, you can help the Chu Clan if you can. And even if you can't, I won't blame you for anything. All I want you to do is to always take good care of yourself."

"Grandma!" Harper exclaimed. Those words caught her completely off guard. If she was being honest, she believed that Mavis would have no qualms about abandoning her if ever there would be conflicts between her and the Chu Clan. It was only now that she realized that she had been sorely mistaken. Nobody truly cared for her in this mansion except for Mavis.

"Grandma, I will definitely do whatever I can to help the Chu Clan. This is my promise to you," Harper firmly said. "My promise will never change as long as you are here with me, Grandma."

Mavis was at such a loss for words after hearing Harper say that. Then, she raised her head and looked at Harper with her eyes wide open. At this point, she realized that this poor granddaughter of hers had been through a lot of hardships and was now all grown up. This made Mavis feel so relieved. Patting the back of Harper's hand, she seemed to be so moved as she said, "You should care about yourself first. You don't have to worry about me."

"Yes, Grandma, I understand."

Then, Harper bade Mavis goodbye and left the Peony House, looking so downhearted. She just realized that Mavis

ct on both Hailey and Howard. If you continue to behave that way, their future would also get affected even worse than it is at the moment. If it comes to that, I'm sure Father won't let you off so easily. That's the last kind suggestion I can give you. Goodbye," Harper flatly said, turning away and leaving. She paid no heed as Sue cursed behind her back. And of course, Harper would never mention anything about it to anyone in to make sure that she stayed in the dark.

"My Lady," Nina said, keeping her voice low as she stretched out her hand and lightly tugged on Harper's clothes. As Harper turned around, she noticed a familiar figure in green clothes. From what she could remember, this was the same servant who worked closely for Charles. It was rather plain to see that Sue must have paid him off and asked him to hide nearby to wait for Harper to confess what she had done. Unfortunately for Sue, Harper was smart enough to know that she shouldn't do such a thing and managed to keep herself from saying or doing anything improper.

"Let's go. We won't be going here any longer, or else, we might just get ourselves in trouble," Harper said. Be that as it might, when she checked Sue's pulse, it seemed a bit strange. Harper couldn't find anything wrong with her pulse. But it was true that her body was getting weaker and weaker as time passed by. This unusual phenomenon reminded her of her mother's condition when she got sick. At that time, the doctor also couldn't find any problem, but her mother just became weaker with every passing second until she finally succumbed to her illness.

"Yes, My Lady," Nina quickly replied.

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