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   Chapter 107 Will You Be Sad (Part Two)

Time Travelling: My Love from the Royal Family By Sha Manyao Characters: 7155

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Seeing this, the emperor went soft this time. As his punishment, Charles wouldn't be receiving any salary for half a year. And that was all. As for Felicia, she ended up taking her own life in prison that night. But because Charles didn't want to take her corpse, the guards just took it to a random grave and buried her there.

As for Shirley, she would work in the northwest desolate land and never be allowed to return to the imperial capital. Harper had paid off the person in charge and replaced Shirley with someone else as soon as she got out of the imperial capital.

"My Lady."

Shirley was left completely dumbfounded, as she never would've expected Harper to come and see her at this point in time.

Harper quickly handed over a parcel to Shirley and said, "I've prepared 500 taels of silver for you, along with a new identity certification. Find a new place to survive."

"My Lady, I..." Shirley's voice broke the tears rolled down her face. Patting her on the shoulder, Harper simply said, "Go ahead. Your mother and brother are still waiting for you."

Drying the tears below her eyes, Shirley held the parcel tight and looked back several times as she walked away. When she was about to finally reach the carriage, she turned her head without any hesitation and kowtowed toward Harper three times. "My Lady, I owe you a debt of gratitude. If I am given the chance to live again in the next life, I would do everything I can to repay you."

"Just go." Without saying anything else, Harper simply waved her hand to tell Shirley to leave as soon as she possibly could. The two watched as the carriage left, and Harper was ready to go back with Forsythia. When she turned around, she saw a carriage parked a good distance from her. When she saw the person next to the carriage, it sent shivers down her spine as she broke into cold sweat.

Feeling so embarrassed, Harper walked up to the carriage to pay respects. "Good day, Your Highness."

"Come on in."

"Yes, Your Highness." Harper did as she was told and stepped into the carriage obediently.

"How dare you let a prisoner escape in secret?" Matthew flatly a

racted her hand.

"Your Highness," Harper called out but he simply kept on staring blankly right at her. Noticing this, she couldn't help turning away. "Your Highness, you have a weak pulse. Did you exercise the internal force again?"

Matthew took back his hand and gently touched the part of his wrist which Harper had just touched. The limp and numb feeling was still there. This helped him confirm once more that he didn't dislike Harper's touch, and as a matter of fact, he might have actually even liked it even though it felt a bit weird.


"Your Highness, although the toxins remain sealed in your legs, there's still a possibility that any inappropriate movement of the internal force is going to cause them to spread. You'd better stop exercising your internal force so recklessly."

"What if it comes to a point where I get tired of living?" He couldn't explain it himself, but for some reason, he had the urge to joke with her.

Much to his surprise, Harper, who had been such a cautious and obedient person in front of him, got pissed off in an instant. Pointing right at his nose, she blurted out, "Matthew Jun, you bastard! So many people are worried sick about your life, yet you dare to say something like that. Don't you realize that many people will be sad if you die?"

Looking at Harper whose face had been red-flushed out of anger, Matthew suddenly asked, "Will you be sad if I die?"

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