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   Chapter 102 The Punishment (Part One)

Time Travelling: My Love from the Royal Family By Sha Manyao Characters: 7470

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Kate brought both Felicia and Hansen to the Imperial Palace to meet the emperor.

"Your Majesty, please bring forth justice for my son! My son is innocent! He has been terribly wronged!" As she wept, Kate broke into the conference hall where a meeting was currently being held. All the officials looked at each other in confusion, clueless as to why Kate suddenly appeared in front of them.

"Kate, have you no sense of courtesy? What do you think you are doing?" the emperor asked, visibly quite displeased. For him, Kate was like a bane of his life. Having to deal with her never failed to give him a headache. It was a well-known fact that Kate loved to pamper her son. She even cried for more than ten times in front of the emperor when her son was stripped of his title as Kevin's heir, something which made the emperor deeply upset.

"Your Majesty, I assure you, my son is innocent. Yvonne, my son's wife, had been killed on the very night of their wedding. People keep on accusing my son of killing her. But that is not the truth. It was actually Felicia, the other daughter of Prime Minister Charles, who killed my daughter-in-law, her own sister! Felicia smeared poison on Yvonne's wedding dress. That was why my son was poisoned, completely clouding his judgment and making him lose control of himself. And as a result, he ended up accidentally killing his beloved wife!" Kate laid out the reason in complete detail.

All of the officials inside that room were rendered speechless upon hearing Kate's words. Never would they have imagined that Felicia, Charles' daughter, could be so heartless that she would poison her sister using such a devious way! If it were true, then that was really so spiteful of her.

"Kate, do you understand what you are saying right now? You would have to be responsible for your words. Do you have anything to prove those claims?" the emperor asked as he knitted his eyebrows deeply in frustration.

"Yes, I do. I have both human testimony and material evidence!" Kate answered right away. After that, she ordered her servants to bring Felicia in front of the emperor along with Shirley.

The moment Felicia saw Shirley, her eyes almost popped out of their sockets. With rage brewing in

n top of that, it only works on men and has no effect on women whatsoever. Once a man ingests or even simply come into contact with it, he will go mad and lose control of himself. My poor Yvonne was so weak and fragile. And she died because of this poison. My son is innocent! I never doubted him! He never really meant to kill her at all. It was all because of the poison and the person who placed it on the wedding dress. Your Majesty, please! You must serve justice for Hansen and his late wife!" Kate explained thoroughly.

"Felicia, is was she said true? I am asking you now," the emperor asked with a stern look on his face as he focused on Felicia. The pressure was too much for her to handle that Felicia collapsed on the floor. At that point, she was much too scared to even utter a single word. All she could do was keep trembling in great fear.

"Answer me this instant! I am asking you!" the emperor asked again, losing his patience. Seeing Felicia behave like this, he couldn't help but think that it was so shameless for a lady of the Chu Clan to be weaker than a simple maid.

"Your... Your Majesty, I'm innocent!" Felicia stumbled over her words in fear.

"Innocent? Are you seriously trying to deny it? Let me ask you this then. What about the poison found in your place?" Kate was sent into a towering rage upon hearing Felicia claim herself to be innocent. So, she grabbed her hair and slapped her in the face with great force. "You vicious bitch! How dare you!"

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