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   Chapter 101 The Evidence (Part Two)

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"Yes, Your Highness, my mother would never dream of doing such a thing. Someone must be trying to deceive you!" At this point, Felicia walked forward to stand up for Sue. After everything that happened, she knew she shouldn't do anything so reckless anymore. Given that she had no standing in this family, if Sue were to lose her power in the mansion, she wouldn't even be allowed to stay here.

As Kate shifted her gaze toward Felicia, her eyebrows were deeply knit and she ordered, "Guards, search this woman's house!"

"Your Highness, don't you think you're going too far!" Sue was deeply enraged. "Felicia is still unmarried. Once her bedroom is searched, how can she possibly show her face to anyone in the future?"

"She has already bared everything in front of countless men. And you're saying we can't search her bedroom?" Kate spat. "I would've completely forgotten about it if you didn't mention it. Some residue of philter was also found in my son's body that day!"

This statement made Felicia's eyelids twitch. It just dawned on her that she had indeed put some philter in the tea to deal with Harper. Never would she have expected that Hansen had drunk it instead. Knowing full well that she had already disposed of the rest of the philter, she remained composed and said with confidence, "Your Highness, if you want to search my house as well, do it. I know that I didn't do anything wrong. I'm not afraid of being searched!"

"You didn't do anything wrong? Ha! How can you say something so shameless with a straight face? You were seen having sex in public. If you didn't do anything wrong, then there's no one who did anything evil in this world. All the women in the Chu Clan mansion are just crazy bitches!"

"Watch what you say, Your Highness!" That statement made Charles angry as a bull. He had more than one daughter. His eldest daughter Hailey was quite an outstanding lady and was bound to become the crown prince's wife. How could he just sit b

a trivial matter. Hansen didn't die anyway, and it was Yvonne who had ended up getting killed. It wasn't anything serious, adding to that Yvonne was a mere concubine's daughter.

"Aren't you just overthinking things? Could it really be that serious?"

"Of course it is!" The anger Charles felt was giving him a headache. If he had found out about it sooner, he wouldn't have been so soft-hearted, allowing Felicia to continue living in this mansion. "You've taught your daughter well. Now you're going to get me killed!"

"Charles, in spite of everything that happened, please try to find a way to solve it. At the end of the day, Prince Kevin's son is still alive, and the one who died was a concubine's daughter. All things considered, it was the Chu Clan who suffered great losses. Why don't you just ask His Majesty to allow Hansen to have his title as Prince Kevin's heir restored? Then you could ask for Prince Kevin's forgiveness and ask him to let Felicia off," Sue pleaded as she clung to Charles' thighs. "Charles, I beg of you. Please figure out a way to save our daughter."

"Enough!" Charles yelled, irritated with Sue's incessant crying. "I'll head over to the Imperial Palace first to check how things are going. Don't go starting any trouble again while I'm gone, or else, I'll divorce you!"

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