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   Chapter 97 Matthew's Request (Part Two)

Time Travelling: My Love from the Royal Family By Sha Manyao Characters: 6652

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"Your Highness, can you help me trim the edible parts of the vegetable?" asked Harper tentatively, hoping he would get involved as well.

Matthew took a look at the vegetable in Harper's hand. Actually, he didn't know what that particular vegetable was called even though he ate it quite often. He nodded and took it over. Harper then went to wash and cut another kind of vegetable. At the same time, she took care of the fire in the stove to prevent the fire from extinguishing.

After she finished cutting the vegetable, she turned around and saw Matthew tearing the vegetable that she gave him earlier. She rolled her eyes helplessly before she walked to him and said, "Your Highness, that's not how you do it."

Matthew held the basket in his hands and asked in confusion, "No? I thought I was doing an excellent job."

The corners of Harper's mouth twisted. It was obvious that she wanted to laugh which didn't go unnoticed by Matthew. Harper somehow managed to hold back her laughter. Her face turned red because of bearing the laughter. If it were not for his identity as a prince, she would have laughed her head off.

Harper took another patch of vegetable and began to teach Matthew how to remove the roots and cut the large plant into two. She then washed the vegetable completely. "This is how we trim the vegetable. What you just did was similar to playing a game," she said.

Matthew nodded solemnly. "Okay, now I know what to do. Next time I will follow your rules."

Hearing his words, Harper nodded as if she was very satisfied to teach him well. However, there was an implication of trap in his words. What he meant was that next time Harper cooked, he would know how to trim the vegetable for her. In short, he meant that there would be a next time. This wasn't the last time they would be working together in a kitchen.

Later, Harper successfully cooked two vegetables and a soup dish. She had thought that would be enough for four people to enjoy. But when

Then she stood up and said, "Oh, it's late now. The sun is setting, so I think I should be heading back. Thank you for your help today, Your Highness."

Touching the handrail of the wheelchair, Matthew nodded to show that she could leave.

Harper turned around and walked out. Elsie was waiting for her outside. As soon as Harper was out of his sight, he turned to his servants and asked them to fetch him some medicine. It turned out he was in pain since he had eaten too much at noon. What was worse, he drank a lot of tea with Harper while they were playing the game of Go.

Barry felt clueless, seeing his master in this miserable condition. Matthew had known that eating too much wasn't good for his health. Yet he ate everything Harper cooked and pretended to be alright because he wanted to please her. Now he was paying for his actions. Minute by minute, his condition was getting worse.

"Your Highness, were the dishes made by Lady Harper delicious?" Jack asked naughtily, appearing before him out of nowhere. "It seems that you are stuffed. I guess that means the meal must be very delicious."

With a flick of his finger, Matthew hit Jack. Jack screamed and rolled on the floor, letting out a groan. Matthew ignored Jack and left with Barry. In the background, he could still hear Jack screaming in pain.

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