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   Chapter 95 An Ambush (Part Two)

Time Travelling: My Love from the Royal Family By Sha Manyao Characters: 6399

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"Lady Carrie said that Lady Serena's boy was stifled to death by Lady Sue."

After hearing the confession, Harper nodded her head. "I see. No wonder Lady Serena hasn't had any children. No baby boy could probably survive as long as Lady Sue is in charge of the house."

"Yes. Lady Carrie shared the same thought you just had. Lady Sue will never allow any other boy to threaten her son," echoed Shirley.

Harper let out a dark chuckle. Of course, Sue wouldn't allow anyone to threaten her son's position in the Chu Clan. Sue wouldn't even let Harper live peacefully. The mere existence of Harper reminded Sue of her place⁠—that she would always just be a concubine and that her children were humble because of their mother.

"It seems that Lady Serena has no conflicts with Lady Sue. She rarely shows up," Harper commented, her thoughts running a mile per second. Serena seemed creepy in her ways. Harper had always known there was something dangerous about Serena. But Serena had always maintained a good relationship with Sue. Or was it just for show? It seemed that Serena was not as simple as one would thought.

"Lady Serena was badly injured during the delivery and it affected her. She seldom leaves her place. And since she cannot bear any child anymore, Lady Serena poses no threat to Lady Sue anymore. That's the reason why they get along!" Shirley explained the reason to Harper.

Harper understood. It was true that Serena seldom came out of her house. Even if she went to greet Mavis in the morning, she would not do it every day. Mavis and Charles were fine with that. So Sue did not consider her to be a threat more.

"Well, I see. Take good care of your mother and brother. I'll go back home now." Harper then called Elsie so they could leave. Shirley saw off them at the gate.

On the way back, Harper's brain raced quickly. 'What kind of person is Serena? After all, Sue killed her so

anything. Harper then stabbed her dagger into the assassin's mouth and made a long cut from cheek to cheek. To top it off, she pulled his tongue out. Blood gushed out of the assailant.

"You have a dirty mouth. Let me wash it for you!"

The remaining killers were shocked at how capable Harper was. She killed people decisively and mercilessly. No one could believe that a lady could actually know how to kill people so gracefully. Soon enough, they realized their numbers had nothing on Harper's blood lust. Before long, only one of the killers was still standing alive.

"Devil... Devil..." The last killer alive was so scared that he stuttered his words. He thought killing a helpless lady was an easy task for them. But he hadn't made it. No one did. Harper was not only good at martial arts, but she also had one thing a consummate killer could be—she was ruthless. She didn't think twice before tearing off her enemies' limbs.

After killing the last man, Harper wiped off the blood on her dagger, as if nothing had happened. She was ready to return to the Chu Clan mansion with her maid. When she turned around, she saw that Matthew and Barry were watching her silently. Not far away from the mayhem, Matthew sat in his chair while Barry stood behind the chair.

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