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   Chapter 92 Harper's Plan To Deal With Hansen (Part One)

Time Travelling: My Love from the Royal Family By Sha Manyao Characters: 6596

Updated: 2020-02-20 01:01

Forsythia had already come back when Harper returned to her house. Forsythia immediately approached Harper as soon as she caught sight of her.

"My Lady, as far as I know, Shirley's mother and brother are seriously ill. If they are left without any treatment, they would die very soon. Shirley has turned to a physician for help. However, the physician is of no use. He isn't even willing to go check on them. Her brother caught the smallpox and her mother has been infected too. They're under quarantine now," Forsythia reported to Harper mechanically. That was all the information that she was able to scrounge up.

Without thinking, Harper suddenly reached out her hand and pinched the flesh on Forsythia's face. "You're young yet you're always frowning. You should smile more," she said in a light tone.

Forsythia's body stiffened and she looked at Harper in bewilderment. Harper was pleased to see her react like that. She then withdrew her hand and said, "I got it. Thank you for the information. You can now leave and rest."

"Yes, My Lady,"

Forsythia said before leaving. Meanwhile, Harper stayed. She was waiting for Elsie. She was hoping for some good news. However, she couldn't be too sure if Elsie had been successful.

Elsie came back at around nine o'clock in the evening. When she came back, Harper was still awake.

"My Lady, we caught the maid. I kept her in the mansion you bought," Elsie said with an excited face. "It seems that Shirley was trying to escape someone when she ran away. I watched carefully and the man seemed to be from Prince Kevin's mansion."

"Someone from Prince Kevin's mansion?" Harper exclaimed in surprise. "You mean it was someone from Prince Kevin's mansion who planned to kill Lady Carrie!"

"I'm not sure but it's possible!" Elsie replied in a hesitant tone. "It's the same man who always follows Hansen around. He was the one who was trailing Shirley. I watched them for a while before ordering our men to

mother and brother had caught the smallpox. I knew they were never going to be cured anyway. But Lady Carrie kept torturing me the same way she was tortured by Lady Sue and Lady Felicia. I just couldn't handle the pain anymore. Please, Lady Harper, help my mother and brother! I will do whatever you say as long as you can help them!"

"You said it was Hansen who asked you to poison Lady Carrie. Do you have any evidence?" Harper asked with expectant eyes. If there was no solid evidence, no matter what the truth was, it wouldn't be able to declare him guilty.

"Yes, I have!" Shirley replied firmly as she took out a brilliant jade pendant from her pocket. "He accidentally left it and I took it. I thought maybe I could use it to prove that we had met and that he forced me to do it if someone ever questioned me."

Harper took the jade pendant and examined it carefully. Her eyes lit up when she saw it. It was made by the Imperial Manufacturing Plant. Every member of the imperial family owned such a jade pendant to represent the identity. No one could forge one. This was how Harper knew that Hansen was doomed this time!

"Good. Very good!" Harper collected the jade pendant which was quite crucial in destroying Hansen. "I'll have your mother and brother taken out and I promise I will cure them."

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