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   Chapter 88 Carrie In Trouble (Part One)

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Ruby was put to death and Felicia was grounded. All these events kept Sue busy for a while. However, she didn't forget to take out all her anger on Carrie.

Even though Felicia was confined to her own house, she still didn't spare Carrie of her continuous tortures. Felicia often asked people to take Carrie to her place so that she could torture her. Now Carrie was pushed to a breaking point.

"My Lady, Lady Carrie is kneeling in the yard again," Nina told Harper. She shuddered at the thought of Carrie's horrible face. Of late, the way Sue abused people had been upgraded.

Harper was trying to thread a needle. She planned to make a cloak. "She can kneel as much as she wants. As a daughter of Father's legal wife, I can take it."

Nina smiled and said, "Of course you can, but Lady Carrie's face is so terrifying that it would give people nightmares. Lady Sue ruined her whole face."

Harper continued with the cloak and remained expressionless at Nina's remark. Nina sat down to help her. "My Lady, is this for Lady Mavis?"

"Yes. It's getting colder day by day. I want to finish making this cloak for her before autumn. She's too vulnerable at the moment and cannot afford to catch a cold," Harper replied without raising her head.

"Please help me, Harper. Please," Carrie called out when she realized that Harper had no intention to talk to her.

Harper frowned as she heard Carrie's voice without taking her eyes away from the cloak. Seeing Harper frown, Nina knew that she was getting disturbed. "My Lady, how about I order people to drive her out?" Nina suggested.

Harper shook her head and said, "Bring her in."

"Yes, My Lady."

As soon as Carrie entered the room, she knelt in front of Harper. "Harper, I need your help. Please help me. Lady Sue is becoming more vicious day by day. She cuts back my monthly allowance, food, and clothes. Now she is getting worse. She beats me and abuses me

her loitering outside, she had no one to fear. "Shouldn't you be begging me to forgive you? How can Harper save you? And how dare you go to her for help?!" she asked in a mocking tone.

Carrie became hysteric as she had nowhere to go and save herself from Felicia. She was scared out of her wits. Recently Sue and Felicia had surpassed the ultimate level of vengeance to humiliate her. Felicia's name lived in infamy after all that had happened to her. Charles and Mavis scowled even thinking about her. All of this made Felicia more unpredictable and violent than ever before. She came up with all kinds of unthinkable ways to torture Carrie, who had been driven to the brink of a nervous breakdown. The very sight of Felicia made her blood turn cold.

"Felicia, I beg you to spare me, show some mercy. I'm a complete nobody. I'm not worth your time," Carrie pleaded immediately. The last thing she wanted to do was to come in front of Felicia, who was no less ruthless than Sue. But now she hated Harper more than both of them because Harper refused to help her.

"I like you, Lady Carrie. And I like to spend time on you. I have found an interesting game today." Felicia took out an embroidery needle and pierced it into Carrie's body. "See, it hurts, but it won't kill you."

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