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   Chapter 85 Enya Is Gone (Part Two)

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Updated: 2020-02-18 00:12

"Okay. You may go ahead." Charles agreed immediately.

"But Charles..." Sue had just opened her mouth to say something but before she could even speak it out, Charles gestured for her to stop.

Harper carried out the autopsy on the spot. Charles frowned and looked confused as he observed her with a keen eye. Though he could not make out what Harper was doing, yet he didn't stop her. There was nothing more important to him than his own safety. Nothing really mattered more than that.

After a while of keenly scrutinizing the corpse, Harper stood up and looked at Charles. "Father, the examination is over. Enya was strangled. Please have a look. There are marks on her neck. They are evidence of her being strangled. Besides, if she got drowned, there should be mud of the pond in her mouth and nose. Look at her nose and mouth that are still absolutely clean."

Charles' face turned grim. He nodded to acknowledge Harper's verdict and asked, "Who is the murderer?"

"Who did this? Enya has told me." Harper grabbed one hand of Enya. "Although no mud is on her hand, there is something in her nails that is indicating that she was murdered."

Harper scraped something from Enya's fingernails and put it on a white handkerchief. Although it was soaked in water and couldn't be distinguished, it was not a big deal for her. "This is the top layer of human skin. That is to say, when the person killed Enya, he or she was scratched by her. There must be marks of the scratch at the back of that person's hand."

Hearing Harper's words, Ruby twitched her eyelids and pulled her hands in her sleeves. In this momentary reaction, one thing that Ruby failed to notice was that Harper had caught a glimpse of her nervous behavior.

"There are scratches on the steward's hand," Anabel screeched pointing a finger at the steward.

"Not me!" The steward waved his hand vehemently. "My hand was scratched when I fought with

s. You definitely won't let the murderer get away like this. Please uphold justice for me. This maid of mine might have died for me!" Every word Harper uttered was geared towards getting a death sentence for Ruby. Ruby was Sue's wet nurse. She wouldn't say that it had something to do with Sue, but Elsie knew that it was Sue who had asked Ruby to kill Enya.

"Guards, drag this old maid down and club her to death!" The very thought of such a cruel and evil woman made Charles shudder. What if she was against him and attempted to kill him? He would indeed have no chance to fight back.

Sue just felt cold all over. It was the month of July and the weather was unusually hot. But she was indeed in cold sweat. She had just dealt with a maid who had betrayed her. But unexpectedly, she was caught on the spot by Harper. Now Ruby had to bear the brunt of it.

"If you can't manage this mansion well, you can leave it to others," Charles said to Sue before walking out of the place. Sue felt her knees tremble. She somehow held herself up trying not to fall down. She glared at Harper with her sharp eyes. Harper didn't even bother to look at her. She asked the servants to take Enya's body away to bury it. Evidently, after all this, she and Sue had already broken up completely.

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