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   Chapter 65 Invitation From The Bu Clan (Part One)

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Since Harper came back from the Peony House, her spirits were high. Nina and Anabel had already returned. Even though Sue didn't make things difficult for Harper on the surface, she found other ways to trouble her. For example, whenever people from Emerald House wanted something, Sue would ask the steward to delay and keep them waiting. And when they couldn't delay it, they would reluctantly give the stuff with the worst quality to people from Emerald House.

"My Lady, Lady Sue is going too far. How dare she do this to us!" Anabel put the bird's nest on the table and shook her head in disapproval. "My Lady, I know you aren't that fond of bird's nest. But look at this! It's of the worst quality!"

Harper glanced at the bird's nest on the table, smiled and said lightly, "Why are you so angry? She doesn't dare to pocket our necessities, and she just doesn't have the heart to give us any of those exceptional things. I have money. And since you two are in charge of all my money, you are free to buy whatever you want to eat. I don't think you should be spoiling your mood over this silly matter."

"No way!" Anabel immediately refused. "My Lady, the money you have now is your future dowry. Lady Sue is so vicious that she is stopping you from getting a rich dowry. Although Lady Mavis supports you, this money is important, not something that should be used casually. Anything that is available in our mansion shouldn't be bought from outside."

"You little miser!" Harper said with a smile as she rubbed Anabel's nose.

While Harper was doing this, Anabel's eyes fell on the wound that was in her hand. Immediately, she held it and said pitifully, "My Lady, your wound looks painful! I was scared to death when Nina told me about your injury. How could you act so recklessly? What if something happened

ou can select the ones you want."

"Nanny Annie, Grandma is so nice. I will personally thank her later." She looked at the maids standing in the yard and found they looked honest and reliable. Several of them looked quite attractive.

"My Lady, now go ahead and select. After you are done, it will be Lady Serena's and Lady Joey's turn."

"Has Mother picked them yet?" asked Harper casually.

"Yes, she has. She only picked a maid for rough work," Annie replied.

Harper nodded her head, her eyes wandering from one girl to another. Finally, she looked at a charming and composed girl and asked, "What's your name?"

"My name is Forsythia," the girl said.

"Forsythia is also the name of a herb. It suits my identity as a physician." Harper nodded her head, looking satisfied. After selecting this maid, she went around and picked two more, both of them equally good-looking. Apart from that, she also sensed something sincere and honest in their eyes. Yet, Annie was somewhat dissatisfied with Harper's choice.

"My Lady, it's not appropriate to select a maid only by her good physical appearance," Annie said, hoping Harper would pick them for their skills. "Would you like to choose again?"

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