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   Chapter 64 Went Back Home

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Harper had copied a Buddhist Scripture for Mavis before she left the Holy Chant Temple with Nina. Mavis sent a carriage to pick them up. The ride home was peaceful probably because they were just behind Matthew's carriage or because Sue wasn't going to attack them again.

As soon as Harper returned, Enya approached her and said, "My Lady, you're finally back. It's been so scary since Carrie's been sneaking around the yard recently."

Harper nodded in response. She looked around only to notice that Anabel was nowhere to be found. "Where is Anabel?" she asked.

"Anabel said she wanted to make some soup for you since she knew you were coming back today. She just hasn't returned yet, My Lady." Enya glanced at the door and added, "She is supposed to have returned by now."

Harper frowned, feeling uneasy. She grew up with Nina and Anabel. They were very close to each other. She was worried that Sue would vent her anger on Anabel.

"Nina, put down the luggage and go check on Anabel. Enya, come with me to the Peony House to see Grandma," Harper ordered calmly.

Enya was overjoyed to go with Harper as Harper never brought her to the Peony House before—Harper always brought Nina or Anabel with her. Although she knew that they grew up together and they were first-class maids which was why Harper often favored them more, Enya still didn't want to be neglected.

"Enya, how long have you and Elsie been serving me?" Harper asked while walking.

"My Lady, I've been serving you for three years," Enya said respectfully. It took three years for her to get promoted as a second-class maid.

"Three years," Harper repeated. "You've been by me side since I started my career as a physician."

With her eyelids twitching, Enya replied, "Yes, My Lady."

Harper's face was emotionless. She purposely did this—hide her worries or whatever emotions—ever since her rebirth. Instead, she always wore a kind and gentle smile, like a delicate mask, which could hide all her emotions.

"By the way, it seems that I don't have Elsie's and your indentures with me. Do you remember where your indentures are?" Just as Enya thought the conversation was over, Harper suddenly asked about their indentures.

Beads of sweat forming on her forehead, Enya replied, "The indentures were given to Lady Sue when the broker sold me and Elsie to Chu Clan."

Harper nodded. They kept taking until they arrived at the gate of the Peony House.

As soon as Annie saw Harper, she approached her merrily. "My Lady, I heard from the steward that you were coming back today. I didn't expect you to come so soon."

"Nanny Annie, is Grandma at home?" Harper asked, smiling.

"Yes, she is. She missed you so much. She's been asking about

Caroline's room caught on fire, and I just helped her escape. Technically speaking, I couldn't take all the credit since Master Chodak is the one who saved both of us from the fire." Harper gave all the credit to Chodak because she knew what Sue had in mind. The Chu Clan was no match for Bu Clan in the imperial capital.

"Harper, you were acting without thinking of the consequences!" Mavis said worriedly. "From now on, you should cherish your own life."

"I'll keep that in mind." Harper nodded obediently. Eyeing Enya, she said, "Mother, I have something to ask you."

"Tell me, Harper. What is it?" Sue decided to establish a good relationship with the Bu Clan by using Harper, so she could take advantage of them in the future.

"My two second-class maids, Elsie and Enya, have served me for three years, but I don't have their indentures. I heard from Enya that you have their indentures. Could you give them to me, Mother?" Harper asked.

Sue's face stiffened. Mavis chimed in, "Shouldn't the maids' indentures be kept by their own masters? Why do you have the indentures of Harper's maids?"

"Mother, don't be angry. I planned to give them back to Harper but I was just too busy to do so. If Harper hadn't mentioned it, I would have forgotten. I'll make sure to send them to Harper right away." Sue grinned reluctantly. She had planned to use these indentures to control Enya and Elsie. She was worried they'd betray them if she gave Harper the indentures. Enya hastily lowered her head when she saw Sue maliciously staring at her.

"Well, thank you, Mother. By the way, I don't have enough maids. Could you call the broker over so I can pick some maids?" Harper said.

The look on Sue's face shifted. "I'll send call her over in a few days."

"All right. Thank you, Mother," Harper said simply.

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