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   Chapter 63 Take It As A Compliment

Time Travelling: My Love from the Royal Family By Sha Manyao Characters: 10819

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As Harper came out of the bamboo grove, she was surprised to find the man who had been occupying much of her thoughts lately. Even though he was sitting in a wheelchair, the way his charisma hit her was not in the least affected.

"Your Highness." In the distance, Harper went to the side of the path and bowed, showing her respect to Matthew.

A guard pushed the wheelchair closer to Harper and stopped. Matthew looked at her greeting form, curious about how polite she was being. After a while, he said, "Get up."

"Uncle Matthew, do you know her?" a pretty girl asked haughtily, pointing at Harper. There was a bit of possessiveness that marred the girl's tone.

Matthew ignored the question as he brought his attention to the bamboo grove. He was surprised Harper got out of the grove alone. Although it might look ordinary, the bamboo grove was full of arrays, and ordinary people could not easily get in. The mere fact that Harper made it out of it could only mean one thing: Chodak had taken her in. Harper must have good memory to be able to retrace her steps out or she knew something about arrays.

However, the more pressing concern out of his realizations was that Chodak must have brought her in. Matthew knew better than anyone what kind of person Chodak was. On the surface, he could look like a grumpy man with no desires to love anyone. But the truth was, he could be ruthless if he wanted to be. Matthew thought about Lilian Jun, his niece. She kept on pestering Chodak, but he couldn't care less about her. But with Harper? Something in him felt threatened at the thought of Chodak treating her differently.

"This is Harper Chu, the second daughter of Prime Minister Charles."

"You are Harper Chu? My cousin Hansen broke off his engagement to you." Lilian continued her mean streak. "What were you doing in the bamboo grove?"

"To thank Master Chodak for saving my life," Harper answered indifferently. She continued to observe the pretty girl. She called Matthew "Uncle," so she might have been one of the emperor's daughters. Harper searched her memory and suddenly remembered the eleventh princess, Lilian Jun. Since this princess had first met Chodak, she had fallen in love with him. From then on, the Holy Chant Temple had become the place she visited most frequently.

"Master Chodak saved you just because he has a heart of gold. Nothing else. You are not allowed to enter the bamboo grove again. Do you hear me?" Lilian Jun spluttered with rage. When Chodak had finished the lecture, she ran after him and happened to see him entering the bamboo grove with Harper. She had tried many times to get in, but she had always been stopped by the arrays inside. If Matthew hadn't come, she still would have been trapped outside.

"Your wish is my command." Harper agreed easily.

Lilian Jun was not used to the way Harper cooperated, but she didn't intend to make things difficult for her. So she said weakly, "All right."

"Goodbye, Your Highnesses." Harper bent her knees and bowed, passing the two of them. Watching her receding figure and then looking at the bamboo forest, Lilian Jun said in a hurry, "Uncle Matthew, let's go in."

Matthew let Lilian Jun push him into the bamboo grove. Wit

ect reply to Matthew. After all, Harper was an interesting woman to him. If Matthew asked him not to hurt her, he wouldn't do anything to her. Not to mention, he didn't have any reason to hurt her.

"It's up to me whether she's useful or not!" Matthew said. "You lost."

Looking at the board, Chodak felt his eyes widen in surprise. He looked up at Matthew and asked, "How was that possible?"

"Nothing is impossible."

"Before you came here, Harper played Go with me. She used the same moves you used! But at last, we have to tie!" The corners of Chodak's mouth twitched. Harper and Matthew used exactly the same moves. Chodak and Harper drew, but Matthew won against him. Did Harper lose to him on purpose?

"Oh, she once used the same moves against me. I didn't want to think too much in our game, so I used her moves," Matthew shrugged.

"Shame on you!" The expression on Chodak's face finally changed. Although he said it in a casual tone, there was a tinge of real irritation behind it.

"Thank you for your compliment." Matthew turned his wheelchair in the direction they came from.

"That wasn't a compliment!" Chodak's lips twitched slightly. He was always at a disadvantage whenever he faced this man.

"That's how I'll take it anyway."

"You are so evil! I hope you die soon!" Chodak teased. "But before you die, you'd better find a woman and have sex with her. Otherwise, you won't know the exquisite taste of women before you die!"

"How dare you say that? Aren't you afraid that the Buddha might smite you?" Matthew didn't look back, and his wheelchair continued rolling forward. The momentum carried him out of the bamboo grove.

Looking at the board again, Chodak smiled meaningfully after a long time. 'Harper? That's funny and very interesting. The man without desire warned me because of you. I'm now really interested in you.'


"Master." Two men in black knelt before Chodak.

"Find out more about Harper and Matthew's relationship. I want to know everything, down to the smallest detail."

"Yes, Master." The two men in black disappeared. Chodak sat quietly in the bamboo grove, deep in thought.

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