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   Chapter 62 The Fire (Part Two)

Time Travelling: My Love from the Royal Family By Sha Manyao Characters: 5411

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Harper smiled brightly and started patting Caroline's back. "No, you won't. Like I said, I won't let you die easily as long as I'm here."

"Oh my God! Even Master Chodak declared that the lady was dead, but she is alive now!" The crowd was overjoyed and the guards of the Bu Clan were surprised at what they had witnessed. They were all breathing in relief as everyone would be doomed if Caroline died under their protection.

"Harper..." Cherry cried her heart out. She was scared to be on her own. Therefore, Harper carried her back to the room and instructed Lydia to wash her up. Harper was a complete mess herself and wanted to have a long, hot shower.

The abbot of the temple came to greet them to check on Caroline. Once he was convinced that she was fine, he left. At dawn, someone from the Bu Clan came to pick up Caroline. It was Zack Bu, Caroline's eldest brother.

Zack Bu was a chivalrous man and greeted Harper with a smile, but his heart was broken into a million pieces when he saw his sister's pale face. He instructed his servant to take away Caroline and then solemnly bowed to Harper. "Lady, thank you for saving my sister's life. I'll return the favor one day."

"You are welcome and you owe me nothing." Harper smiled and touched the back of her injured hand. "After all, she is my friend."

Zack Bu was touched by the sincere smile on Harper's face. Although she had refused his future favor, he owed her because she had saved his sister, and he had to pay it back. He swore to Harper that he would be right at her rescue if she needed his help some day, and finally left after saluting

r to let her play the first move.

"Please," he said motioning for Harper to make her move.

Harper looked at him and said, "I'll do my best."

Chodak nodded. He frowned at first when Harper put a black stone in the center. He wondered if Harper knew how to play Go. But after a while, he realized that he was wrong. They had played for two hours, and they were at a stalemate.

Chodak clapped his hands and smiled. "It's been a long time since I played Go happily. I'm afraid, the victor can't be decided today. But victory or defeat doesn't matter to me."

Harper wiped the beads of sweat that had formed on her forehead and said, "I really admire your outstanding Go skills."

"You are good at playing Go, too. I have only met one worthy opponent in all these years, and now you, are the second one." Chodak was bubbling with joy. "I'm very glad."

"See you." Harper stood up and left. Chodak felt a surge of unwillingness as he watched Harper walk away, but it had disappeared as soon as she was gone. He returned to his usual self and tidied up the Go board.

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