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   Chapter 61 The Fire (Part One)

Time Travelling: My Love from the Royal Family By Sha Manyao Characters: 5788

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Harper was copying the Buddhist sutras under the candle light. The silence of midnight was replaced with a clamor that was coming from outside. She wondered what was going on.

"Nina, go and take a look at what's happening outside," Harper instructed Nina and continued writing.

"Yes, My Lady." Nina opened the door, walked out and was back in no time. Her face was pale and her voice was shaky. "My Lady, the east room is on fire. The monks are putting out the fire," she said hurriedly.

"East room!" Harper's mind stopped for a second. Caroline was staying in the east room. "Follow me."

Harper rushed to the east room, as fast as she could. The fire in the east was fierce and had woken up all the people living around. The monks from the temple and some of the guards were putting out the fire by throwing buckets of water all over it. Some of them tried to break into the fire, but it was raging wildly and thwarted their attempts.

Harper scanned the crowd but couldn't find Caroline. She grabbed a young monk and asked, "Who is staying in this room?"

The monk was busy fetching water and was annoyed about being interrupted by Harper. He looked at her and said, "It's a lady from the Bu Clan."

"Where is she?" asked Harper as her heart was beating fast.

"I didn't see her. Perhaps she's still in the room." The young monk was getting anxious with every minute. All the people staying here belonged to noble and powerful families. The Holy Chant Temple would be in trouble if anything happened to them.

Harper's face changed in an instant when she found out that Caroline was in trouble. She grabbed the bucket from the young monk and drenched herself in water, from head to toe. To everyone's utter ast

said in a cold voice.

Harper didn't pay attention to what he had said. She began to give Caroline artificial respiration and cardiac massage. All the guards of the Bu Clan watched Harper's moves with astonishment. Lydia immediately rushed towards Caroline as soon as she regained her consciousness, but Harper stopped her immediately.

"Take a breath, Caroline!" Harper muttered under her breath.

"Lady, she is already dead," the monk said in a soft voice.

"Go away!" Harper shoved away the monk. Everyone was shocked and heartbroken to see Harper perform tricks on a dead girl. "Lady, she is—"

Just then, Caroline choked out a huge cough even before the speaker could finish his words. Caroline, who was breathless and completely still, surprisingly came to life. She was coughing and gasping for breath, and relief washed over Harper. Harper's face, covered with black smoke and dust, broke into a happy grin that had won the heart of everyone who had witnessed the miracle.

When Caroline slowly opened her eyes, she saw a pair of worried eyes. She held Harper's neck and burst into tears. "Harper, I thought that I would be doomed."

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