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   Chapter 60 Everything Is Predestined (Part Two)

Time Travelling: My Love from the Royal Family By Sha Manyao Characters: 6058

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Harper wore a faint smile as she responded, "I'm not an imperial physician anymore now."

"My father said that you are a good physician." Hearing the name of Harper Chu, Caroline Bu didn't show any disgust. "It's a pity that people are harsh on women. Otherwise, I want to be a female official too."

Harper turned speechless. 'If you were to be a female official, your stubborn father would be furious.' At the mention of Franklin Bu, an image of an angry man with mustache and scowl appeared on Harper's mind. She could vividly visualize the man.

"I'm sure your father will lock you up."

What Harper said hit Caroline Bu's heart. Feeling a bit bored, Caroline Bu sat with her head on the small table and agreed, "Yes, not only my father but also my brother will blame me."

Listening to her nagging with a smile, Harper happily replied to her once in a while. During their entire trip, they got on well with each other. And nothing happened on their way to the Holy Chant Temple.

The Bu Clan's chamber in the Holy Chant Temple was on the east side, while Harper's room was on the west. The distance was quite far away from each other. But before Caroline Bu left, she was unwilling to part with Harper and even promised that she would go to see her when she was free. Harper agreed with a smile. Soon after putting down her luggage, she went to the side hall right away and lit a long-lasting altar lantern for Yvonne.

Standing in the front of rows of long-lasting altar lanterns, Harper looked a little obscure under the dim light. She stood there unwavering as she stared at the swaying candle flames before finally closing her eyes. It was not her intention to kill anybody, but she didn't want to be killed either. Indeed, the game was cruel. And the winner would take the upper hand in contro

way she had come and made it back to her chamber before it got dark, only to find that her maid was anxiously walking up and down outside her room. Seeing that Harper had returned, she happily eased her way towards her.

"My Lady, you are finally here."

"Nina, why are you here?" asked Harper in confusion.

"The coachman came back to the mansion and reported that you had fallen off a cliff. And he didn't know whether you were alive or dead. Hearing this, Lady Mavis fainted on the spot. Luckily, a guard of the Bu Clan mansion sent a message to us stating that you were fine and arrived at the Holy Chant Temple safe and sound. I was worried about you, so I came to the temple to look for you." Nina's eyes were red as if she had been crying.

Harper reached out and rubbed her head gently. "Well, stop crying. I'm fine."

"My Lady, who did that?"

"Who could it be? Only a few people in the mansion want to kill me. Forget it. Since you are here, live here with me. We can copy the Buddhist sutras together tonight." Looking at the east, Harper couldn't help thinking, 'Such a sweet girl. She even sent someone to my home and inform my safety.'

"Yes, My Lady." Then Nina left with Harper.

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