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   Chapter 59 Everything Is Predestined (Part One)

Time Travelling: My Love from the Royal Family By Sha Manyao Characters: 6126

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Harper knew that Carrie had a hard time in the mansion, and she would certainly come to her if she had no way to seek help. Harper didn't want to be bothered, and asked for Mavis' permission so she could go to the Holy Chant Temple to pray for Mavis and Charles and ask the monks to recite sutras for Yvonne.

As soon as Mavis allowed her to leave, Harper informed her servants right away to pack up and be prepared to go to the Holy Chant Temple on the same day. More than anything, what she wanted now was to relax and never deal with the chores at the mansion. Besides, she needed to be alert and on her toes all day, which would surely make her seriously tired.

Unfortunately, Carrie was out of power, so she failed to get any news. She went to Emerald House to look for Harper, but she didn't find her. She initially decided to chase her, but then decided otherwise, knowing Sue wouldn't let her leave the mansion. So she fought her desire to leave and made up her mind to wait for Harper to return, instead.

Sue, on the other hand, kept her mouth from saying anything when she learned that Harper was going to the Holy Chant Temple. She merely ordered someone to prepare a luxury carriage for Harper. Everyone couldn't find any fault with it and even praised Sue for her kindness and generosity as she treated the daughter of Charles' late wife equally.

Harper gave a weird smile as she silently surveyed the carriage. She almost rolled her eyes, thinking that Sue would never let go of any chance as soon as she got one. She even prepared such a carriage that spelled luxury to show off because Sue was more afraid that no one would recognize it belonging to the Chu Clan mansion. Her sister had been killed, and yet she left the mansion in such a luxury carriage. Obviously, Sue was trying to throw mud at her. Harper f

ve way to her and invited Harper to get in the carriage. Harper nodded as a response and casually stepped on a stool to enter it. She then settled herself in the seat opposite Caroline Bu.

The moment Caroline Bu watched Harper sitting down, she hurriedly rummaged through the articles. And seeing this, Harper was confused. "What are you looking for?"

"Medicine. You hurt your hand." Without raising her head, Caroline Bu kept searching for the medicine in the carriage. Surprised, Harper took a look at the back of her hand. She then realized that she sustained an injury when she jumped off her carriage earlier. She wouldn't have noticed it if Caroline Bu didn't tell her.

"Nothing serious. Just a little—"

"Yes, I have found it!" Caroline Bu countered pleasantly. She took out a small white bottle as she held Harper's hand before pouring some medicine on it. Then after rubbing it gently, she carefully wrapped the wound with her handkerchief. "Okay," she said.

Harper sweetly smiled and uttered, "Thank you."

"Oh, you're welcome. My name is Caroline Bu. What about you?"

"Harper Chu."

"You are the first female imperial physician of the Bright Dynasty!" Caroline Bu blurted out in surprise.

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