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   Chapter 58 Being Deposed (Part Two)

Time Travelling: My Love from the Royal Family By Sha Manyao Characters: 5427

Updated: 2020-02-13 02:31

"My Lady, Lady Carrie's maid Shirley is here. She came to take Lady Carrie's allowance for this month." Phoebe came in.

"Monthly allowance?" With a sneer, Sue continued, "No. A bitch is not qualified to get any monthly allowance. Tell her that Carrie has to find her own food and clothing for the people in Excellence House. After all, her daughter was Prince Kevin's daughter-in-law. She is honorable and must have a lot of money, so she doesn't need to be supported by the Chu Clan."

"Yes, My lady."

"Wait, I'll go see her." Thinking about Carrie's arrogant behavior made Sue unhappy. Just then, Felicia came over to pay respects to Sue, and she followed her after hearing that.

Excellence House became more and more desolate because of Yvonne's death. Because Carrie had offended Sue and her power had been stripped away in the aftermath of Yvonne's murder, the servants had begun to look down upon Carrie. They stopped taking her seriously.

"Hey, Carrie. What happened to you? I've not seen you for only a few days. Why did you become like this?" Sue asked mockingly. Her tone was filled with smug arrogance. Meanwhile, Carrie just sat in a daze in the courtyard.

Carrie raised her head and stared at Sue coldly. Sue raised one hand and slapped in her face. "Bitch! How dare you not bow to me?!"

The two maids beside Sue walked up to Carrie at once, dragged her from the chair and pressed her to kneel on the ground. With Carrie on the ground, the servants brought the chair she had been sitting on for Sue to occupy.

Sue sat down elegantly, and rested her feet on Carrie's head. "Carrie, aren't you

gested before laughing manically.

"That's a great idea." Sue touched Felicia's nose. "Phoebe, you stay here and watch. Don't allow her to get up until four hours later."

"Yes, My Lady."

Sue and Felicia left arm in arm. Carrie was hurt all over, but she was forced to kneel under the burning sun. The sun was high in the sky but she did not feel any pain. She only felt humiliated. She had never been insulted like this since she came to this mansion. She was not happy. Her daughter was the wife of Prince Kevin's heir, but she suddenly died like that. It was so unfair!

Phoebe kept on watching Carrie kneeling for four hours before she left. Shirley then helped Carrie up and said, "Lady Carrie, please stand up. I'll apply some medicine to your wounds."

Carrie stumbled to go into the room with the support of Shirley. She couldn't let Sue bully her like this again, so she had to ask for help. There was a flash of hope in her eyes. Harper! She could beg Harper to help her. After all, they had a common enemy. Harper would never allow Sue to control the mansion!

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