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   Chapter 57 Being Deposed (Part One)

Time Travelling: My Love from the Royal Family By Sha Manyao Characters: 6005

Updated: 2020-02-13 00:12

Charles came to the Imperial Palace with Kevin to ask for the emperor's judgment. Kate followed them closely.

The death of Hansen's wife had caused a great uproar in the city. Earlier that morning, the officials heard the case and impeached Hansen's grotesque behavior. Who in his right mind would torture his pregnant new wife? When the emperor's head was filled with indignation, Charles and Kevin came to him.

Seeing Kevin kneeling before him, head bowed down and appearing contrite, triggered the emperor's fury. He threw at him the complaints he had been hearing around the imperial court. "Look at the good son you've raised. If he didn't like her, then he shouldn't have married her."

"Your Majesty, my son lost control. He didn't mean to harm Yvonne. His desire clouded his judgment. Yvonne wouldn't have died if she weren't so weak..." Kevin trailed off. Yvonne's corpse was horribly deformed. If what Kevin said was true, it would have been easier to accept that Yvonne was killed in a crime of passion. But when Kevin had his men check the scene of the crime, the food was not poisoned. And the wine? Should it be poisoned, Prince Kevin's mansion would have to accept accountability as they had prepared the wine and sent it to the newlywed's room.

"Your Majesty, my daughter has always been a healthy girl. How could she die on her wedding night? It is obviously a murder. Please, we ask for justice for her horrible death." Tears streamed down Charles' face as he was speaking. Every word was filled with emotion, spoken like a true loving father who had just lost his beloved daughter.

"Your Majesty, please believe me. Hansen didn't do it on purpose. We are willing to compensate the Chu Clan mansion."

"Compensation? Do you think you can just pay off the death of my d

each Hansen good manners. Kate only said those hurtful words because she loves our son. Please forgive her."

Kate was shocked and broke out in cold sweat. In her desperation, she forgot that the emperor was a concubine's son. She had claimed in front of the emperor that a concubine's son was low in status.

"All of you may leave now." The emperor waved his hand in annoyance and the crowd streamed out of the hall. After everyone left, the emperor angrily swept all the files on the table to the floor. His eyes were full of hatred. The eunuchs who served him trembled. One wrong move and the emperor would cut them off.

Since Carrie was sick of grief from Yvonne's death, Sue seized the opportunity and took over managing the mansion. After Yvonne died, Hansen was stripped off his title as Prince Kevin's heir and deposed. Carrie had lost all the power to fight against Sue. Seeing that Carrie was still sick, Sue forbade anyone from treating her.

Carrie was strong enough to recover her health after half a month. But she was too frail. Her body lost weight. Her eyes sunk. Her jawline protruding, losing all the round plumpness she had before. And worse, Charles hated to see her.

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